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SUPER BELATED UPDATE [27 September 2010]: Oh, so during our family gathering in Baguio that Christmas in 2008, we did mix our own Margarita! I followed the proportions below and my sisters thought it was too strong (although it was perfectly fine for me, I tellz ya.) So we ended up using more lime juice than stated in the recipe below. 🙂

Last Friday, Christmas party season officially started for me.

It was a get-together with gym buddies/school mom-friends/birthday bash in one. I rarely drink when I am out with friends. That’s because I drive myself, and I prefer to get home in one piece, thank you.

But last Friday, I wanted to “unwind”. So I asked my husband if he wanted to drive me. “You can play billiards while waiting for me,” I segued. Lucky me, he agreed! So I happily helped myself to two glasses of margarita.

Bellissimo Ristorante (of Cesar Montano) at the Morato Area is my friends’ favorite hangout. I love that the margarita there is not expensive – just Php70 per serving. I could have had more, but hub picked me up early.

It seems like margarita is going to be my favorite drink this holidays. Here’s a really simple recipe I found online: Continue reading Mmmmmmargarita!