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Staying safe on the road

All sorts of vehicular incidents – accidents, carnapping, carjacking, road holdups – have been headlines in the past few days. The world has gone madder. Tsk tsk.

Just yesterday on the way home, the kids and I passed by a vehicular accident which, I later learned, involved a bus swiping a lady (who died on the spot). It happened along Commonwealth Avenue, one of the widest (and also deadliest) highways in the Philippines. It’s no place for wandering ala-HHWWPSSP* –  definitely not for jaywalkers!

The other day, someone shared this story on Facebook about an M.O. of road criminals. They’d act like concerned citizens and signal you that something is wrong with your car. You stop to check, and there – you’ve given them a foothold.

How do we stay safe on the road? We know these already but we need to be reminded every so often. Women drivers – hello, fellow tsupermoms – are especially vulnerable.

Follow traffic rules. Wear your seatbelt. Don’t overspeed. Bikeriders, wear helmets. Don’t jaywalk; use pedestrian lanes and footbridges. Road rules are meant to keep us alive. Continue reading Staying safe on the road

Coming soon to theaters: Tangled

When my kids and I saw the trailer of Walt Disney Picture‘s Tangled last year, it was automatically put in our nice-to-watch list. (Well, because it seemed funny, with a very-long-haired girl running around like that with a bandit and a horse.)

Luckily, daughter V and I had the awesome chance to preview the Digital 3D movie at the Columbia Pictures Preview Room in Shangri-la Mall last Saturday.

Tangled is the updated version of the fairytale about the long-haired girl, Rapunzel. In the old version, Rapunzel was part of an ex-deal that a couple had with a witch for the lettuce (!) he was caught stealing from the witch’s garden. The wife, while pregnant with Rapunzel, had a lettuce craving (weird, no?) and so the husband went to steal some from the witch’s garden. When the wife gave birth, the witch took Rapunzel and kept her in a tower in the middle of a forest. The only way in and out of there was through Rapunzel’s long hair. Eventually, a Prince found Rapunzel, and the fairy tale ends with them living happily ever after.

In Tangled, Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) is a princess who was kidnapped by an old lady, Mother Gothel, for her magical hair. The old fairytale was updated, modernized and beautifully twisted so that today’s kids will be able to appreciate it. Actually, even I liked it, and teared up a bit in some of the heart-breaking parts.

Okay, I know it’s just cartoons – we’re not supposed to take cartoons seriously, right? But I like the life lessons from the movie.

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Fun, fun, fun at Sandalias Festival 2010

Okay, this blogger was on a roll last weekend, attending two events two days in a row. (That’s kinda rare for me, because drayber duties come first, wifey duties second [second lang oh, haha!], and freelance jobs third; there’s often little time and energy left for events.)

Anyhoo… Last Saturday, I went to the cooking demo where I got the squash pasta recipe.

The following day, Sunday, I trooped down to Trinoma with my two girls for a grand event – the Sandalias Festival 2010.

We were greeted by a very festive and energetic mood,  as guests were treated to nail art, glitter tattoos,  foot massages, and the fun photobooth. Very apt for the theme “Step Into Some Love.”

Patch was in high spirits too, she went and climbed the Rider Wall –

Steps Dance Project did a spectacular dance number showcasing different designs of Ipanema, Ipanema GB, Grendha, and Rider. It was amazing how the footwear, despite being tsinelas, were comfy and flexible enough to be worn with the complicated dance steps the group did! I felt like it was a dance-number-slash-fashion-show.

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S & R Members Treat 2010: Nagpunta ka na ba?

Among all the sales I go to each year, this is probably the one that I look forward to the most.

The S & R annual Members Treat Sale! Today is the first day and I was there very early. As soon as I dropped off the kids in school, I was on my way to shopping heaven at S&R.

I was early. At least that’s what I thought. When I got there at about 7:20 AM, whoa! The line already went down the side and almost to the back of the building. When I was finally able to get my carts, the end of the line was at the back of the building already! Ganun ka-karir ng mga members ang sale na ito.

I took this shot from the part of the line that forms the second loop. The far end of the line on the right side forms the 3rd loop. And the essing goes on and on and all the way back to the front!

One of my main targets during the sale is Cetaphil Cleanser, which allergic Nate uses instead of soap when bathing, usually on 200 to 300 pesos off. I also hoard lots of paper towels and toilet paper ( don’t know why! haha), bath soaps (buy 1 take 1!), shampoos and toothpaste (buy 1 take 1 too! I got Colgate good for 1 year’s supply na, haha!). Oooh, this year the pillows are buy 1 take 1 too so I got a couple.

As you will see in the picture I will post later and in the first paragraph, it can get quite rowdy and crowded. Here are some tips:

1.Go really early, because the lines are very long and carts can run out as early as 8 AM.

2. Go with at least one other person so he/she can fall in line for you as you shop. Last year, shopping buddy (my retail guru) Cookie and I made the mistake of forgetting this tip, and so we had to fall in line for an hour at the cashier.

This year we learned our lesson so Cookie brought along ate A so she was lining up at the cashier while we shopped. As a result, total shopping+check-out time was under 2 hours! Hoooray! Thanks, Cookie for the great strategy. hehe. Next year, mas mag strategize tayo sa shopping list. 😀

3. Leave the kids at home! This morning there was this kid who was bellowing her heart out. It was hot, crowded, noisy, and her mom wasn’t paying attention to her. Duh, the little girl had all the right to howl.

4. If you’re going to be late, accept the fact that you probably won’t get carts na, unless you hijack shoppers at check-out or in the parking (but that’s a lot of hassle and wasted time). So here’s a couple of good suggestions: bring that old baby stroller that’s been stored away (like this awesome phil and teds explorer); or hit the plastic bin section of the store as soon as you enter and use those bins. You might be lucky to find one with a handle and rollers.

Yeah. you get the picture? Just go early.

My Adarna Food and Culture experience

I’ve heard about Adarna Food and Culture before, and planned several time to go and see what the raving is all about. Adarna is very near my area of residence, and it won’t take 20 minutes for me to get there. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting that fact.

Until one day, Anna Manila and I planned to meet. She suggested Kanin Club, but I remembered my horrendous experience with my family there recently, where we had to wait over a hour for our orders that never came! (The waiters kept saying our food was coming, but when we saw that other tables who got there after us were being served ahead of us, we decided to get up and go to the resto next door instead because most probably some genius staff forgot to relay our orders. My kids were already groaning and whining!)

Anyhoo, back to Adarna… Oh, it was a lovely date! I plan to bring my kids there one day soon, because lunch at Adarna isn’t just lunch. It’s a cultural experience. So many beautiful things all around you – demijohns on shelves, old memorabilia on Pinoy pop culture, intricate dishes, bowls and vessels (no vintage enamel cookware on display though), old photos and posters, beautiful light fixtures, so many old stuff that will remind you of lola. It’s a visual feast! It would be good to bring the kids there so they see how beautiful and rich Filipino culture and food are.

Check out my article and photos at the Buhay Pinoy section of The Philippine Online Chronicles.