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Lost and Found

About three weeks ago, I discovered my 8-year old sunglasses weren’t in my bag. Not in the car either. Thanks but no thanks to my ageing neurons, I forgot that I wore them in morning going to the gym. I thought I might have just left them at home.

So I went on with my day as usual.

Several days passed, rainy and sunless so I had no use for the shades. Then the sun came out one day, I needed my shades. Search, search, search. Yak, yak, yak. That’s when I discovered the shades were missing. Officially.

I felt so bad about losing it. Dang! Those sunglasses are older than my second child VGood! Hubby bought it for me while I was pregnant. We were shopping for baby clothes at the mall. The sunglasses were on 30%-off. He wanted to please me.

It was a time when I was depressed and our relationship was difficult. Continue reading Lost and Found

A Mother’s Love…

… is:

1. most evident during times of sickness.

2. most terribly missed when the sick person is a daughter-turned-mother.

I realized these two weeks ago as an insatiable germ ravaged through my household. When my two girls got sick at the same time, it was of course I who took care of them round-the-clock. Hubby tried his very best to help, especially when both ran high fevers simultaneously. But he was often so tired from work, he’d fall asleep even before he finished giving his patient a sponge bath.

And then, it was my turn to get sick- the most terrible part. For who takes care of mothers when they get sick? Don’t get me wrong. Husbands are wonderful; and I know mine did his best to be helpful and caring. But, well, I suppose they are he is not wired for gentle, motherly TLC-ing.

So, on those three nights that I was delirious with fortyish fever, I found myself softly crying:

*sniff, sniff* “Mama… huhuhu… Maaaa… huhuhu… Mamaaaa!”

I suddenly missed her.

A mother’s love one never outgrows. Even when I am 80, I will always look back to those days when my Mama showed extraordinary patience and selfless love.

To my dear Mama: Happy Mother’s Day! I miss you. I hope we will be able to come visit with the kids before summer vacation ends.

Mama and Nate, Christmas 2006

Mama and Nate (Christmas 2006)

And to all mothers in the world: thank you for making this world better, one child at a time.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Tagged: 8 Random Things About My Kids

A looong time ago, Patchy was tagged by Rachel, and Nate by Scrooch and Daiz to play this meme. Sorry, girls, it took so long. Because Patchy’s PC privilege has been suspended indefinitely (guess who had my PC virused a few weeks ago???), I am doing her tag here on my blog, instead of her doing it on her blog.

Anyway, allow me then to flaunt and brag about my kids unabashedly. 😛 I will try to be as random as possible. Continue reading Tagged: 8 Random Things About My Kids

Simple Wishes of Children


Please keep my dad safe everyday.

Please make me well from my nose bleeding.

I pray that my achi (big sister) will not watch TV too close anymore.

Have my mom come home early from work.

Make my kuya (big brother) strong and healthy.

I pray that my shoti (little brother) will not call me Dodong anymore.

While waiting for my daughter VGood’s dismissal from school the other day, I wandered off to the Bulletin Board. One corner featured the Little Samuels Club, a club where pre-schoolers learn about praying and men of prayer in the Bible. The quotes above are a few of the kids’ prayers. (The last one made me LOL; the fourth teary-eyed.)

I love how honest and simple their wishes are. They do not want for so much, really. Not one of them asked for the latest PSP or a trip to Disneyland. (The teacher could have edited those out, hehe.)

Sometimes, at the mall, my kids seem to say “bilmoko” (A Filipino slang which translates to “Buy me this; buy me that”) a hundred times. But during their quiet moments with God right before they go to sleep, what is it that they murmur?

I’ve caught VGood several times whispering fervently with eyes tightly shut: “Please help me to be a good girl, please, please, please. I’m really trying hard to keep quiet and concentrate in school.”

It’s touching, but true: our kids don’t want expensive toys. Our children probably learned materialism from us adults. In their innocent and simple minds, they know that they only need those that matter. Good health. Parental presence. A loving family.

Happy Birthday, Dear Patchy!

Today is iPatch’s tenth birthday.

Oh my, where has the time gone? It seems like it was only yesterday when I found out I was going to be a mommy soon. I wasn’t in the most ideal of situations, but it must have been the perfect time to have this precious treasure called Patricia. As with most mothers, my first encounter with her was love at first sight.

She had me smitten. I found myself staring at her endlessly as she napped in peace. I found myself talking in the language of coos and babbles that only children can teach. I found myself lacking in sleep yet I did not mind at all. I found in me strength that I did not know I had.


Patch is one of my greatest teachers, though she doesn’t realize that. From her I learned and continue to learn many lessons on life. Like patience. Unconditional love. Patience. Trust and letting go. Patience. And patience. 😀

Patchy is such a hard-working daughter. She loves to read books, fiction lately. She has lots of friends and knows how to have fun. Often, she gets smart and funny ideas, such as:


-a silent protest on a hot summer day. They wanted to go swimming, but I was too engrossed with blogging. So what were kids to do? Up went the placards of protest. Of course they got my attention. I was ROTFLMAO.

So Patchy, thank you – for being a loving sister and daughter, for the lessons learned, for the many moments of laughter.

Happy birthday, my Patch. We love you.