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A Letter to the Computer Addict

The other day I received a letter from my two girls. “Dear Computer Addict”, it began.

The letter, written in 3 pages torn out of a small notebook and folded into a roughly done envelop, read:

letter to a computer addict from kids

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How is Filipino subject taught in your schools?

I was supposed to post this last Thursday. But my PC kinda died out again. I’m glad it’s back to life now. But the conking and dying-out episodes are getting too scary-close together, methinks. So I am seriously shopping for a new one, preferably a notebook computer. Technohub finally gave the thumbs-up. Woohoo!


I’m blogging really early today.

VGood and I had to wake up very early this morning so we could do her homework. We were unable to work on it last night because she was dead-tired and snoring soundly when we arrived home. It usually happens. So I let her get the rest she needed, instead of waking her up and risk making her cranky.

This morning we did a Filipino home-reading assignment. The way Filipino home-reading assignments and tests are patterned in my kids’ school sucks big-time!

Dig this, if you can: on the first page, there is a 2- or 3-paragraph short story in Filipino. Makatang Filipino. This short-story was never taught to them beforehand. It will be the first time my 1st-grade daughter and her classmates will be reading it.

Right below will be a series of questions. The first part of questions will have to do with choosing the correct definition of words used in the story. The second part will usually tackle reading comprehension. Continue reading How is Filipino subject taught in your schools?

Lovesick… Again

Remember VGood’s Lovesick episode last year?

Well, it’s happening again. But this time with a classmate.

And, this time, she is handling her, uhh, situation more calmly and coolly.

V and classmate (let’s call him E) are seatmates. But they have been going to the same Chinese tutorial center since last year. So there’s quite some kind of bond between them na.

I noticed it already –  how fond V is of E. Among all her classmates, E is the only boy among the list of favored friends I found scribbled on a paper. During tutorial sessions, she’d often want to be seated beside him. In a written drill for Filipino subject, one of the two characters in her komik istrip is E (the other character is herself, hehe).

Other than these, though, she has been cool about it. Hindi masyadong pa-obvious, ikanga.

Or so I thought… Until I spoke to E’s mommy Raq.

Raq: Do you know what the Math teacher told me during our PTC (parent-teacher conference)?

Me: No, I wasn’t able to talk to her. What?

Raq: One day V approached her, and whispered that she has a crush on E. She even asked Ms. C to keep it just between the two of them.

Me: huh?? :-0

And then, this happened last Tuesday-

Scene: at the tutorial center. V and E are seated together, answering drill sheets. Mommy Cathy comes in with her daughter Y.

V (nodding towards Y): O, E, ayan na si Y. Your dream come true! *hmp*

Jaws dropped to the floor.


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Daily Dose of V-Quips 2

Amid tons of books, notes to study and tests to prepare for (tell me again: Where has the fun gone in schooling???), a day is never dull with V’s quips!


Last week, VGood and I were studying for a Filipino recitation test. The topic was introduction of self in the Filipino language. In her barok Am-girlish Filipino, we practiced together.

Me: Ano ang iyong pangarap paglaki mo?

V: (decides to ditch her shoe-designing dream) Gusto ko pong maging guro.

Me: Bakit mo naman gustong maging guro? (Thought bubble: Gusto ko sana shoe designer ka na lang please!!!)

V: Kasi gusto ko magaturo ng mga bata.

Me: Wow! Ang bait mo naman!

V: At tsaka… (with a sheepish grin) gusto ko talaga ng chalk eh!

I hope she keeps that line out during recitation in class! 😛


While driving home from school one afternoon, VGood reads a restaurant signage:

V: One haw, one haw? What does it mean, ma?

Patch: Ihaw-ihaw! “i” yun, hindi one!

Once again, VGood doesn’t fail to bring laughter to our trip home.

Life 101: On Choosing Happiness

I woke up today to my phone’s text tone. It was a message from someone dear to my heart. It sounded of defeat, frustration, unhappiness. It broke my heart that, despite all the blessings he has received from Life, he feels that the word HAPPY “is empty, meaningless, and absurd.”

How can someone lose sight of all the reasons to be happy?

Why are some people swallowed up by their own problems and imagined sufferings, so that they fail to see there are many others in real suffering? Continue reading Life 101: On Choosing Happiness