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Learning Abacus Mental Math

My 5-year-old Nate is enrolled at Active Ambassadors Academy (AAA), a fairly new pre-school in the New Manila, Quezon City area that’s in its second year of operation. Part of its curriculum is Abacus Mental Math.

One of the main reasons why I chose to keep him here in this small school is the Chinese education. (I blogged about it here and here.)

Another good reason is its MiKids Program with integration of Abacus mental math into the Math subject. I first saw a demo by kids who have been on the Abacus program during a get-together with a few mommy bloggers at AAA. The Abacus kids were adding and subtracting a series of 3-digit numbers mentally and giving the answer as soon as the teacher finished dictating the series of numbers! Amazing!

abacus mental math
I captured this image from the video I took. I will post the video here are soon as I get better net connection and am able to upload it on YouTube.

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The Tomatis Method: Is it for your child?

tomatis method





“V, can you please turn off the light?” I tell my 9-year-old daughter. She looks at me, appears to hear me, but goes on watching TV. So I tell her again, this time with a louder voice. She realizes she didn’t obey the first time I told her, so she goes on to turn off the light.

(At other times, though, the first part of this sequence loops twice all over before it gets to the “obeying” part.)

Does this happen to you and your child too? They appear to be listening, but it seems that your words just came in one ear and went out through the other. (That sounds oh so familiar, doesn’t it, moms and dads? LOL)

Last week, I learned a possible explanation for the “hearing but not listening” phenomenon that I’ve come to know so well. My child may have a “listening problem”.

I was introduced to the Tomatis Method with a visit to Tomatis Philippines. Though it has been around for the past fifty years, it was my first time to hear all about the Tomatis Method.

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Online courses, anyone?

Online learning has made education more accessible and convenient, especially for those who can afford it. Sure, it may seem more expensive. But take out the food and transportation expenses that come with going to a regular school, online courses appear to be more cost-effective.

Online schools don’t just offer short courses anymore. There are sites that offer full courses. One can earn an online nursing degree from the comfort of the home.

For many adults who are way past the schooling years, online schools are the way to go. You can keep your day jobs, and with proper time management, earn that degree you’ve always wanted.

Dash Chinese language school in Ortigas

For those of you who want their children to learn Chinese but live in areas like Pasig, Antipolo, Cainta, Marikina and thereabouts, you know that finding a good Chinese school  or Chinese language school in those areas is quite a challenge.

That’s why Dash Cultural and Educational Institute opened a branch at Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas, Ortigas – to cater to those who live in that area.

Dash chinese language school Metro Manila

The programs at Dash Chinese language school are for Chinese and non-Chinese speakers alike. Even if you’re Filipino and want to learn Chinese, the programs at Dash are ideal for you. I took the Chinese Character Canon course with them last year and, as a non-Chinese speaker, I think the results are fair (all things, such as age and aging neurons, taken into consideration).

Though I cannot speak fluently, I can understand basic conversations. With a bit more pushing (as in if I took time to review my textbooks or read Chinese children’s stories on a regular basis), I think I can do better. The key, I realize, is continuous exposure to the language.

Of course we know that the earlier we get the kids started, the better for them. So if you have little kids that you want to be fluent in the Chinese language, Dash is the place to go.

Why? Two things, I think:

The teachers. Dash has licensed teachers from China who specially trained to teach the Chinese Character Canon course. They have mastered the techniques of teaching the course, which is said to be the fastest way to learn Chinese. On top of that, the two founding teachers, Li Lao Shi (teacher Li) and Long Lao Shi (teacher Long), are truly passionate with their profession. They want their students to not only learn Chinese, but also to appreciate the language and culture. In that regard, I think their approach is holistic.

The method. At the end of the basic  6-month course, the student is supposed to have mastered 1,000 characters! Does that beat 6 years of studying Chinese during grade school? I think so. Again I say it depends on the student. According to the teachers at Dash, results are excellent among children between 5 and 12 years.

If you’re interested to learn enroll in a Chinese language school, just call the numbers on the photo above. Look for teacher Li or teacher Long.

Darwin International School | Meeting Prof. Rolando dela Cruz

It’s not often that one gets the chance to sit down and talk with brilliant people. And that was exactly what I got when I, along with other bloggers, was invited to a lunch meeting with the brilliant mind behind the Darwin International School System, Mr. Rolando Dela Cruz.

Being a mother of three school-age kids, I often find reasons to rant about the educational system in this country (NOT necessarily about my kids’ school ha, let that be clear… Although yes, I do rant about that sometimes)… Ok, where were we? As I was saying…

Being a mother of three school-age kids, I often find reasons to rant about the educational system in this country. There is so much lacking. Kids graduate from high school and are still clueless when they get to college. As a result, the first two years of college are dedicated to to a general review of basic subjects.

And now, there’s the proposal to extend basic education from ten years to 12 years! This proposal has a lot of potential impact on Filipino families (especially on the finance side), and it’s something that’s not being taken lightly by most.

I went to the meeting because I wanted to know what this educator had to say about the current state and issues of Philippine education.

A former UP professor, Rolando Dela Cruz’s educational background is impressive, having studied in Japan, the Netherlands and the US. He took post-graduate studies at the Darwin College of the Cambridge University in England. This was the inspiration for the school he founded – the Darwin International School System.

More than being inspired by the name, Rollie was inspired by the University’s rich cultural orientation. Whatever he imbibed during his years in Cambridge, he now shares them at Darwin International School System.

Darwin International School Prof Rolando dela Cruz
Mommy bloggers Cookie, Cess, imom, and Lynn; Prof. Rolando Dela Cruz; blogging couple Ganns and Cathy Deen; PR practitioner Claire Agbayani and her son. Thanks to Lynn Zamora for this photo.

The lunch meeting turned out to be four hours long! But I am not complaining. In fact, my mommy friends and I were telling each other that this was, so far, the most enriching blogger event we have ever gone to. We went home wiser, with new learnings to apply to parenting our children.

I also realized that one blog entry is not enough to cover all that I gleaned from those four hours. So I am dividing this into a series.

The following points are just some of the important things that I learned from those four hours. Continue reading Darwin International School | Meeting Prof. Rolando dela Cruz