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BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Launch

After over a year of hiatus from blogger events, I finally attended my first a few weeks ago. I chose to go because I like the event sponsor (BlueWater Day Spa), and the event was parent-oriented. The event launched the BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Treatment.

We all know the benefits of touch, especially for babies. When my kids were still babies, I would massage their bellies when they were colicky. Bedtime massages were part of our nightly rituals. Up to this day, I still massage Nate as an added bonus (because I have to apply his creams for skin asthma, anyway). Massage soothes an irritable baby, makes them feel secure, and strengthens their bond with the parent.

BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Treatment launch

The relaxation benefit actually has a physiologic basis, according to this article on parents.com. Massage stimulates a chain reaction in the nervous system: the brain starts to produce more serotonin, a feel-good hormone, and less cortisol, a stress hormone. As a result, the baby’s heart rate and breathing slow down, and the body begins to relax.

Other benefits include: Continue reading BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Launch

Baby Bedtime – How Important is Good Sleep for Babies?

Last Saturday, I attended an event by Johnson’s Baby called “Baby Bedtime A toZzzs”.

Baby Bedtime by Johnsons baby powder

The Johnson’s Baby Bedtime event, hosted by Ms. Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao (still working despite being due to give birth the next day!), aimed to share the highlights of a US Study on a bedtime routine, as well as demonstrate the actual routine that parents and caregivers can incorporate into their babies’ bedtime schedule.

Guest speaker was Dr. Luis Rivera Jr., a pulmonary pediatrician and sleep specialist at Makati Medical Center. He spoke about Sleep 101.

  • Baby Sleep 101

How important is sleep among babies? How much sleep is enough? Is the number of hours more important than the time of sleep? Here are some basics of the science of sleep that I learned from the event:

1. Babies do no sleep as deeply as adults do. Babies take longer to sleep and awaken more easily at night.

2. Sleep is not only necessary for rest. It’s also important for growth. Science has proven that growth hormones are released three times more during nighttime sleep than when awake.

3. Babies have the most opportunities for growth during the first few months in life, when they are asleep most of the time, and experience deep sleep often.

4. Sleep requirements lessen as kids grow older. Infants need as much as 16.5 hours of sleep per day. My 3.5-year old son needs about 11 1/2 hours. (Click photo below to see typical sleep requirements up to age 18.)

baby bedtime how much sleep is enough?
Typical sleep requirements for kids

5. Optimal sleep is important for kids (and parents!!!) to function properly. Lack of sleep among kids leads to poor behavioral and academic performance. (Lack of sleep among parents leads to royal crankiness!)

6. Parents can tell if their children are not getting enough good sleep – habitual snoring, snorting, pauses in between snoring or breathing, unusual sleeping positions, restlessness.

Children must get enough sleep and, more especially, nighttime sleep because that is when the growth hormones are most active.


  • Bedtime Routine Improves Infant Sleep

Dr. Rivera also highlighted the findings of a US study by noted psychologist/pediatric sleep expert Jodi Mindell.

The three-week study, which included 58 mothers and their babies aged 7 to 18 months, evaluated baby’s sleep with the use of a before-bed routine together with the Johnson’s Baby bedtime range.

The before-bed routine included three steps: Continue reading Baby Bedtime – How Important is Good Sleep for Babies?