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Seafood Laksa | Weekend Cook

Here’s a simple, heart-warming Asian dish that’s perfect for cold, rainy days.

A few days ago, it was cool (rarely gets cold in Manila) and rainy, I craved for Seafood Laksa. I love the flavors of this soup – the fresh fragrance of coriander and lemon-grass, the spice of curry, and the creaminess of coconut milk.

Because it has glass noodles (sotanghon), seafood laksa is quite filling! If you’re vegetarian, simply keep the seafood out. It will still be as flavorful – and nourishing.

seafood laksa recipe

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The Perfect Spa Getaway

Imagine yourself luxuriating in this hot tub – enjoying the wonderful view right outside your window while sipping some cool concoction… Lay your head back, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. This is the life.

Only, you’re not in some faraway, exotic ( read: expensive! ) island paradise. You’re right in the comfort of your own home spa!

Thanks to fuss-free spa accessories from SpaScenes, you don’t have to spend a fortune to escape to your dream spa getaway. SpaScenes are high-quality water-proof vinyl murals that are installed on the underside of spa covers. Installing SpaScenes is easy, there is no need for special tools. They come in two sizes – panoramic (for spas up to 92″ wide), and full view (for spas up to 95″ wide) – and several beautiful scenes to choose from.

Who would have thought it would take just a few hundred dollars to complete the look of your home spa?

(Well, you might as well invest in a good-quality door lock or a few pairs of ear plugs to make sure the kids don’t ruin your precious hours of relaxation. 😉 )

The Eating Club @ Burgoo Rockwell

Yep, that’s what we decided to call ourselves.

We’re a group of mommy bloggers who met online, and discovered that we have one other common denominator (aside from blogging) – eating!

For me, eating out with great friends is a nice way of de-stressing, detaching myself momentarily from the cares of mommy-hood. Planning this particular adventure actually began with an email that sounded like – “I’m tired. School days are so toxic. Let’s meet?”

We’ve had several eating adventures already. Last week, it was agreed that we’d drive all the way from the north end of Metro Manila to Makati in order to taste the Japanese-American cuisine of JohnandYoko. Unfortunately, EDSA was jammed with motorists and it was taking us forever to get out of Quezon City.

So at the last minute, it was decided we’d settle for Powerplant at Rockwell. We walked around, rode the escalators up and down, in search of a good resto. In the process, Cookie and I were lured into buying great ballet flats on sale at CMG. Hay…

We finally settled for Burgoo. Continue reading The Eating Club @ Burgoo Rockwell

Nate is Two!

Nate turned two years old earlier this month!

He is such a big boy. And by big, I mean BIG. Even our pediatrician noticed how differently big he is from his sisters. His hands, arms, legs, head are so much bigger. And so is his appetite!

As of our last doctor’s visit, Nate weighed 15.3 kilos. That’s still within normal weight range for boys (though quite in the upper limit, hehe). But I don’t suppose it’s time to worry about his weight, is it?

His favorites of the moment:

Toys: ball or anything that resembles one (a grape or longgan will do); a plushy turtle named “Toto”; gun a.k.a. “beya” (goodness! he got a couple of these from my SIL. Glad they’re both broken now, I’m not buying a new one!). Continue reading Nate is Two!

Happy Birthday, VGood!

Yesterday was Vera’s 7th birthday.

I originally planned to hold a party for her 7th and Nate’s 2nd (on July 6th). But technohub and I figured a family weekend getaway would be more economical (and hassle-free) than organizing a full-blown birthday bash. So yes, weekend getaway won over kiddie party. 😀

Since we do our grocery shopping every Sunday, we all went to the mall as usual. First stop, though, was at the department store – V wanted new shoes for her birthday. I don’t really spoil my kids; they’re used to the talk-to-the-hand sign whenever they point and say “I want this! I want this!” , so they eventually stop clamoring. But during special days such as birthdays and Christmas, they usually have their wishes granted. ( So far, no one has asked for the moon, so…) Continue reading Happy Birthday, VGood!