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How to make dumplings | Recipes for kids

One rainy afternoon, the bored kids wanted to do something- anything! So I taught them how to make dumplings.

I gathered everything we’d be needing for making pork dumplings. I posted the recipe here in my blog some time ago. This time, I left out the shrimps since Nate is allergic to them.

how to make dumplings

Our favorite way of cooking dumplings is by boiling.  But frying makes the dumplings yummier, especially when the dipping sauce is oomphed with chili oil. *slurp*  Making dumplings is a fun and easy activity you can do with your kids this rainy summer. 

how to make dumplings fried dumpling with chili soy sauce

Here are some updates on the recipe I posted two years ago:

How to make dumplings –

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Pork, Shrimp & Mushroom Dumplings Recipe

Back in the day when I only had one child, I used to have a from-scratch Pork Dumplings recipe. “From scratch” means I made every single wrapper from hand-kneaded dough using an empty wine bottle. Didn’t have a rolling pin, hahaha. You gotta innovate sometimes!

Then the kids came, and life became busier… and we discovered Shuin, a Taiwanese specialty store along Araneta Avenue, Quezon City that sells frozen dumplings, among others, by 1-kilo packs.

pork shrimp mushroom dumplings recipe

One reason I stopped making dumplings is that I rarely find good dumpling wrappers in groceries in my area. (Kneading and rolling and flattening and kneading seem too much work for me now hehe). This Saturday morning, I saw some which looked nice, and so I thought I’d make some for the kids to snack on after they’re done studying for the final exams.

The basic pork dumplings recipe usually has ground pork and chives as filling. I added shrimps and mushrooms for more flavor and texture. It turned out well.

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