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Menu planning for school days

Here’s something new that I’ve been doing since school started two weeks ago – menu planning! Yup, in my almost 16 years of motherly existence, this is the first time that I’m actually planning meals seriously.

menu planning school lunch baon ideas

The kids, being older and wiser, just won’t settle for alternating fried egg and tocino breakfasts now. Adobo lunch boxes don’t excite them anymore either. To make sure the menu doesn’t get tiring, we thought of planning the meals.

Menu planning actually isn’t as intimidating as it appears. Here’s how we do it.

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Women of Today Can!

Gone are the days when women were the damsel-in-distress types. Women of today are independent, strong, assertive.

Now I don’t know if that’s always good.

Case in point: my husband has virtually handed over the home to me… Except childcare, of course . He does his part in tutoring the kids in my difficult areas – Chinese and Math. hehe

But apart from that, yes, he’s hands-off.

Roof leaks, Grohe faucet leaks, clogged toilets – ┬áthose are in my hands. But I know I am not the only homemaker, or woman for that matter, who is the designated handywoman. Ours is a growing tribe, you know.

Because the plunger’s in our hands (blech!), we ought to know basic DIY home repairs. Here are some helpful tips on WMN.ph!