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Women of Today Can!

Gone are the days when women were the damsel-in-distress types. Women of today are independent, strong, assertive.

Now I don’t know if that’s always good.

Case in point: my husband has virtually handed over the home to me… Except childcare, of course . He does his part in tutoring the kids in my difficult areas – Chinese and Math. hehe

But apart from that, yes, he’s hands-off.

Roof leaks, Grohe faucet leaks, clogged toilets –  those are in my hands. But I know I am not the only homemaker, or woman for that matter, who is the designated handywoman. Ours is a growing tribe, you know.

Because the plunger’s in our hands (blech!), we ought to know basic DIY home repairs. Here are some helpful tips on WMN.ph!

V’s Making a List…

And checking it twice…


four times…

One afternoon, as soon as we arrived at home from school, V got one of her old notebooks and began scribbling some stuff. I really wasn’t paying attention.

All through the evening, she kept going back to her scribbles. I got curious, of course. So nosy iMom decided to check it out…

This is my 8-year old daughter’s attempt at time management and organization. Not bad eh? Take note: “Aral for tests tomorrow.” Also: under “study list”, all boxes are ticked. *proud mama moment* 😀

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Do you love your job? (Thoughts on SAHMing, Blogging and Domesticity)

This week, Julie’ question at GreenBucks is:

Do you love your job?

I  L-O-V-E my current ‘jobs’ – being a fulltime mom/wife, and being a blogger.

There are times when the mommy duties get too overwhelming, the daily routine becomes tiring ( I can say “boring“, Julie. Who’s gonna fire me?? LOL ), and I wish I had a bit more to spend. But looking back to those days when I was still working in the marketing industry, I say I love what I am doing now – more than the income I used to make.

Yes, life was more comfortable then. But, as I always say, no income or title is worth sacrificing my children’s growing years for.

As for my other ‘job’ – blogging… I have been blogging for nearly three years now. Through it I make a little bit of income, just enough to pay for monthly internet subscription and a few other things.

Aside from the beautiful friendships, blogging has led to many opportunities to improve myself. Writing has always been a frustration, but now it is something I  actually do (whether you like it or not, hehe).

Some people have frowned upon my going from corporate to domestic. Someone once even said ‘sayang ang pinag-aralan’. But going full-time-mom doesn’t mean going ditzy. I blog, and strive to improve my skill as a blogger. Everyday, I learn new things as husband throws me some technical thing to research on. I am currently studying Mandarin. And, oh yeah, I am also considering going into a new business venture (more details later, folks, when it is nearly tangible. Right now it’s just an idea I’m toying with).

It all really depends on the person. If you go stagnant as soon as you decide to be a stay-at-home, that is entirely your choice. As for me, WHAMing/SAHMing is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

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[UPDATE, 5/17/2011] The most important point (with regard to that comment from someone) is this:

How can anything parents invest in their children be a waste? More than for your day jobs and careers, using your education to teach your own children and guide them through their most important years is the best way to put your education to good use. IMHO. Bow.

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Magnate’s Latest

I brought Nate to the doctor for typhoid vaccination last Saturday. As expected, he has grown heavier and taller. The latest stats:

Weight: 16 kg

Height: 89 cm

Good news: His height is within normal limits. (Whew, I feared he may be a shortie!)

Bad news: His weight is for a 3-year old. (Not so bad, actually, because he is turning 3 in 6 months!)

Nate also has severe skin allergies all over! Some spots on the elbows and knees are lichenified – dry, scaly and thickened. He is off chicken, seafood, chocolates and eggs for two months. Boohoo! 🙁 Dosage of his anti-allergy med (Cetirizine) has been increased, and he is now on an anti-asthma (Montelukast). Hay… The cold weather has not helped him at all.

On the brighter side, Nate remains to be extremely charming, having mastered this heart-breaker smile –

Nate is now starting to be talkative too, though still bulol a lot! My favorites are: Continue reading Magnate’s Latest

Homemade Chicken Tocino Recipe

I am sharing with you my homemade chicken tocino recipe. This is what my children and husband had in their lunch boxes today.

homemade chicken tocino recipe

Homemade chicken tocino is a healthier and less expensive alternative to store-bought tocino.  Here is our homemade chicken tocino recipe. Continue reading Homemade Chicken Tocino Recipe