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Cheers to life. Cheers to everyday.

Life with three kids… Where do I begin?  Everyday is an adventure – no dull moments with them. Sure it’s hard (say that again!?). But it is also full of rich and rewarding moments. Each day is a reason to say “cheers to life!”

It’s not the big and the great, though, but the small pockets of happy moments that really make mothering my three kids fulfilling. And when are we really at our happiest, nicest, best moments? When else, but while we’re eating together! 😛

Whether we are making food or partaking of it, celebrating a birthday or a high grade, going out for a family meal or a quick after-school snack, eating brings the “cheers to everyday”.

So I put together a video of some of our best moments with food!


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The Yayaless Life – helpless but not hopeless


PM Cave Cleaner

(Image source: nolnet on Flickr)

My last blog entry was four months ago! I had planned on blogging more during my kids’ school break (May to July). But our helper, ate J, went home in early June for her mother’s funeral.

Guess what? She hasn’t come back. And isn’t coming back, I think. (Not that I want her back… anymore, hmp.) Welcome me to the yayaless club.

So that is my excuse for not blogging. While this blog has been silent, a lot has been going on. For the most part, I was occupied with transforming myself into… Tada!  Homemaker Extraordinaire – full time cook, laundry woman, cleaning maid, and of course, chauffeur! 😉 Continue reading The Yayaless Life – helpless but not hopeless

iMom: Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Best Home & Parenting Blog

My blog is this year’s Best Home & Parenting Blog! I know, right? I still can’t believe it too! I was not expecting to win anything last night at the Philippine Blog Awards.

philippine blog awards 2010 best home & parenting blog award imomonline

Photo From the Philippine Blog Awards Facebook Page

Anyhoo… So I was really stumped and kinda fumbled when I got up on the stage for the, uhhh, acceptance speech! (ZOMG, who would ever think I’d be doing crazy stuff like this one day??) Continue reading iMom: Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Best Home & Parenting Blog

iMom is a nominee, thanks to YOU!

After a long day of being on the road most of the time, I came home to a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday:

It’s confirmed!

Many thanks to you, the secret person who nominated my blog in this year’s Philippine Blog Awards! Up to now, that is still a mystery. (Both as to who… and why??! Hehe.)

Kidding aside, I am so happy with this recognition. I know there are a lot of other nominees in the same category, and many of them are far better than I am. But I am extremely happy that someone thought of my blog.

I also want to thank all of you, the readers and followers of this blog. Thank you so much for the support. I am happy just sharing my parenting (mis)adventures. Thank you that some of you find them helpful, amusing, silly, funny.

Teehee, this is sounding like an acceptance speech, LOL. So I’ll stop now. I can’t get over it though, there’s a smile on my face as I type this.