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Fab Holiday Finds – My Orange Tree and Lesson #585


It’s week 1 for the Filipino Mom Blog‘s Fab Holiday Finds meme. Everyone is invited to join – just share your holiday shopping finds, whatever they may be. More on the mechanics here.

This year I decided to make orange my Christmas tree theme. So yesterday, when my sis, niece and I went on a Divisoria expedition, I got some orange poinsettias and orange tree balls. I love the prettifying effect they had on my tree. Continue reading Fab Holiday Finds – My Orange Tree and Lesson #585

Fab Holiday Finds

Time flew by so fast. It’s already December tomorrow!

Before we know it, we will already be cleaning up the post-Christmas dinner disaster that will probably hit our homes. (Well, at least in our family home in Baguio, that’s the way it is post-Noche Buena. Tons of gift wrappers to throw, piles of pots and pans to wash!)

To welcome the Holidays, the Filipino Mom Blog is hosting a meme – Fab Holiday Finds. Please check out the mechanics at the FMB. First round-up starts on Tuesday, Dec 2nd. We hope you could join us!

Feel free to grab the badge!


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Trick-or-Treatin’ at Trinoma

Last Thursday, October 30th, the kids and I trooped to Trinoma for Wicked, Trinoma’s halloween event this year. We met up with Cookie and Julie, who also brought along their kids.

The kids were pretty excited, so we all woke up early. We got to the mall just before the 10am opening. I was just too ecstatic that my parking was only a few slots away from the mall entrance. “Woohoo! We’re so early, I’m sure there aren’t crowds yet!”


As we turned the bend towards the Mall Concierge where trick-or-treaters are supposed to register, we got a good view of the mob! The lines – 2 lines to serve three thousand expected participants – were so looooong already! Oh well…

The loooong registration lines. Shot from the second floor.
The loooong registration lines. Shot from the second floor.

Continue reading Trick-or-Treatin’ at Trinoma

Christmas Holiday Getaways – Plan Early!

October has rolled in.

And I’m thinking I haven’t started on any Christmas shopping yet! Every year, as I do my panic-stricken last-minute shopping, I always swear – “Next year, I will start early.” Oh, well… maybe next year.

And then there’s the Christmas holiday to plan. Every year, my family celebrates Christmas in Baguio City with my parents and sisters. A few months ago, my sisters and I were talking about going someplace else – a Christmas getaway for the whole clan.  Sis # 3 suggested Boracay, but that would entail too much logistics (yeah, we’re a huge family) and money of course. And we are probably too late to plan something as elaborate as that…

I’m thinking, maybe Pagudpud. It’s up North anyway, just a few hours’ drive from Baguio. The pristine beaches, the windmills, the quaint lighthouses… The laidback attitude, the simplicity, the provinciality. Pagudpud sounds like my kind of getaway! (Hover over the links and images will pop out. Then you’ll know what i mean.)

Sisters, anyone of you reading this? Game? Let’s start planning if we want a break from our usual Christmas celebration. Email, email… 🙂


For those in the U.S. who are planning for the holidays, why not consider Branson, Missouri? Continue reading Christmas Holiday Getaways – Plan Early!