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Finally… happy holidays!

Today was the kids’ last day of school for the year.

So we are officially on Christmas break. Wooohoooo! Now I can feel the holiday spirit.

And this one really made me feel more Christmassy all over!

I’m so proud of my Nate! Yep, he scrawled his name by himself, stuck the colorful plastic stars and moons, and the cotton balls too!

The tree looks a whole lot prettier now. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Happy Holidays!

Every year, my husband, kids and I always spend Christmas in my hometown, Baguio City.

This year, most of my family were present – 5 out of 6 siblings plus our husbands and children. Total headcount? I’ve lost track, but ย for sure my fingers and toes are not enough.

This is a late post. I am still on holiday mood, it’s difficult to blog when I feel this way. There’s so much bumming around to do. ๐Ÿ˜›

So, anyway…

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

May your celebrations be filled with moments of creating happy memories with family and friends.

If you must regift…

… read this article on Regifting 101 first.ย 


Breakfast this morning. Breakfast buddy and I have been meeting for breakfast since December rolled in. Actually, we’re gym buddies, but because we both “froze” our gym accounts this month (my silly excuse is “I’m gonna be soooo busy.” Yeah, right), we have nowhere to go to after bringing the kids to school… (sooooo busy daw???)


Back to breakfast this morning. Breakfast buddy and I were getting ready to order when she said –ย 

“Ah, alam mo, yung tops na bigay mo sa akin? Kaparehas ng birthday gift sa akin ni Tentay… as in exactly the same.”

iMom: “Aaahh… Talaga. Huh??? Ganun bigay ko sa kanya nung birthday nya ah…”

Buddy: “Aahhh…” (Now probably feeling bad she opened her mouth.)ย 


Tentay recycled my gift to her. Within the same circle of friends!!! Now, that‘s a brave move. Continue reading If you must regift…

Health Updates

It’s been a while since the last update on my health blog, Project:Fit. I have a new post there now. It’s about my ECG results that sent me panicking and/or emoting. I’m so relieved it’s just a case of a “misread” test. Whew. Read the story here.

In anticipation of the hectic schedule that come with the Holidays, I froze my Fitnes First account. That means no workout for the whole month of December, boohoo! By freezing my account, I will not pay the whole monthly fee, which I am sure I won’t be able to use anyway. Instead, I will only pay a minimal P400.00. What’s it for? I’m not sure. But at least it’s better than paying the whole fee. I saved Php1597! Continue reading Health Updates

Fab Holiday Finds – White


I kinda had a hard time looking for something white. So my post isn’t really pure white. But it’s till quite fabulous.

Some time in October, I found myself wandering through the stalls at the Big Tent Bazaar. (As if I was zapped into the place by aliens, no? ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL) It was this shopping expedition, albeit a solo flight, that launched my holiday shopping this year.

I found lots of good-priced sale items there, including clothes, silk ties, fashion jewelry and the fabo clutch bag below. It’s a 12-inch zebra-print clutch with blue patent accents. The inside is lined with hot pink canvas. I got this for under P200.00 (of course, haggling skills came to the rescue). *insert banana-rock emoticon here* Continue reading Fab Holiday Finds – White