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Sleep apnea: my roomie snores

Now I understand why many old couples sleep in different bedrooms when they reach a certain age. They can’t stand each other’s snores. For many, many years, they have probably endured each other quirks, and found them bearable. But to lose sleep because of someone else snoring – that is bad trip! Sleep apnea is no joking matter.

Imagine what happens when you lack sleep: you’re dizzy, sleepy, ergo, cranky all day.

Case in point: my parents. For the past 3 years (at least), they have been sleeping in separate bedrooms. Not because they can’t live with each other anymore (uhh, well, yeah, sometimes siguro, hehe), but because the other can’t sleep while one is snoring so loudly.

So now I see the future of our senior years: separate rooms. Grabe maghilik si hub. More often, I can’t sleep because I watch him as he goes into brief moments of apnea. I sometimes count 15, 20 seconds before he takes a very deep, almost gasping breath. At times, I have to shake him to make sure he wakes up to take the next breath.

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Help on asthma days

The rainy season is here, causing changes in weather that may also trigger asthma attacks in sufferers. We did a feature back in early May on asthma here at the POC Wellness page.

The shifting of seasons is one of the known triggers of asthma. There are a lot of preventive measures that can be done, however, in order to avoid or minimize the chances of getting acute attacks. Watch the video at the end of the article to get some tips on how to do breathing exercises to improve lung health and capacities.

Oftentimes, owning a portable nebulizer, like  inogen oxygen concentrators, becomes necessary for persons with asthma.

Flu vaccine for the flu season – Be Bakunado!

During summer last year, my family had a bad case of germ attack. My family was downed by flu almost simultaneously. I noticed that we got sick after I held a successful garage sale. Lots of people were coming and going. My kids, wanting to be helpful, milled around the garage as well. I’m sure the virus was brought by one of the “customers”. My family missed the flu vaccine last year!

After several nights of fever and sleeplessness, of kids vomiting, crying, asking for water and for hugs, we all finally got well. As soon as we did, we went to our pediatrician to get our flu vaccines. Of course, it was too late; nevertheless we still got our shots.

I’ve learned my lesson since: get the flu vaccine as soon as the strains for the current year become available.

Three weeks ago, my daughter V and six other classmates were absent from school – all at the same time. Most of them had sniffles, fever, and throat itchies. Over the past several weeks, I’d read plurks of friends or their kids getting sick.

Though early, it seems official – 2009 flu season is here.

Would you want to be part of the flu statistics this year? I wouldn’t! Here are some tips to avoid getting sick with the flu: Continue reading Flu vaccine for the flu season – Be Bakunado!

Drug Abuse and Rehab

If there is one vice that I hope will never ever touch my family and loved ones, it is drug abuse. Drug abuse has destroyed many lives, wrecked many homes, killed innocent victims. We’ve seen many celebrities throw away promising careers because of drugs. They go in and out of drug rehab centers, only to go back to the vice as soon as they’re out.

For patients to recover from the physical, mental and emotional effects of drug use, rehab programs need to be comprehensive. The whole family should be involved, as it is the support system from which the patient draws his strength. For more resources on drug rehab, and to find suitable centers in the US, go to Drug-Rehabs.org, a non-profit organization established to reach out to people suffering from all kinds of addiction.

For the love of coffee

I just recently came from Baguio for a short less-than-3-days summer’s-end hurrah. (More on that in a later post.)

My mom (who is always ever into network marketing!) gave me a box of instant coffee that’s supposed to be healthy. It contains the ganoderma mushroom, which has a wide array of benefits, as mom said to convince me. Dubbed as the Miraculous King of Herbs by ancient Chinese medicine, the benefits of ganoderma mushroom vary from longevity to skin whitening. (There is even a gano-toothpaste. I got one tube. hehe)

I don’t really fall easily for all that talk. But hey, the coffee does give me the kick-start I need every morning. And it tastes good too (a bit more bitter than regular instant coffee). So, until I get one of those espresso machines, I will probably be buying my coffee from mom. 😛