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Healthy Options: Brown Rice Fettuccine recipe

Some time ago, I received a pack of Cadia Brown Rice Fettuccine and a bottle of Lucini Rustic Tomato Vodka Sauce from Healthy Options.

Healthy Options brown rice fettuccine and Lucini tomato vodka sauce

Having been on brown rice since late 2009, my family knows the benefits of  this healthy grain over white rice. Brown rice is rich in fiber, minerals (such as iron), and potassium. It’s also a low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrate, which means you don’t get a glucose spike (sugar high, baby!) in the blood, therefore lesser hunger pangs and cravings. For those who cannot live without white rice, consuming healthy grains in other forms will definitely benefit their diets.

Brown Rice Fettuccine with vodka tomato sauce recipe

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Healthy living starts at home

Since I got myself into working for the Philippine Online Chronicle’s Health and Wellness channel, Ive been very busy. Yes, no doubt about that. But no, that’s not the point I want to make.

Again, again, again…

Since I got myself into working for the Philippine Online Chronicle’s Health and Wellness channel,I’ve become more and more inspired to live healthily. The article on organic eating inspired me one day to buy organic eggs.

My son, Nate, has skin asthma and is allergic to a whooooole lot of food, including eggs. I learned from the article that organic eggs have no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, have higher Omega-3 fatty acids, and thus may not be as allergenic as ordinary eggs.

Surprisingly and to my amazement, Nate did not break into a rash with the organic eggs! So we’re definitely sticking to them. So far, for my family: brown rice, check! Organic eggs, check! No beef, check!

I’d like to slowly move towards semi-vegetarianism, or pescetarianism. But with kids to feed (one of them allergic to fish), I am sure I can only do it gradually. On my last supermarket trip, I bought more chicken breast than the legs that I usually buy, more fish, and just a kilo of pork! So far, my family has not noticed that we have not had a fatty pork dish all week! And Nate isn’t allergic to chicken breast anymore!

Now if only I can convince hub to quit smoking and use an e-cigarette instead…

That is the real challenge, because Hub is the most hard-headed person I know. Tsk, tsk. But that is for another story for another blog post.