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The Mommy Milkshake Run 2016 by Mommy Mundo

The last race I ran was probably six or seven years ago. At my age now (going 42 in a few months), I feel that I need to get back into some form of fitness routine. Then I got the email inviting me to join this year’s Mommy Milkshake Run. I felt that it will be perfect to ease me back into running.

Mommy Milkshake Run IG Poster

The 6th Mommy Milkshake Run is happening on March 6, 2016 at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

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Cooking Brown Rice in Rice Cooker

how to cook brown rice

In an effort to observe a healthier diet, my family has gone back to eating brown rice. Compared to its white counterpart, brown rice is full of the good stuff – vitamins and trace minerals essential in fighting cancers and other diseases. It’s also a low glycemic index food, meaning it belongs to the good carbs gang.

I think brown rice is an acquired taste. The kids, especially, always don’t find it easy adjusting to the coarser texture and earthy taste. When cooked with too little water, the grains turn out tough. So we cook ours with a little more water and a little bit longer.

We use rice cooker to cook brown rice. The rice is rinsed with cold water once. Then water is measured with 1:2 ratio. That is, for each cup of brown rice, use 2 cups of cold water. After rice boils and all the water is absorbed, I keep the lid on for about 15 minutes more to let the rice continue cooking. This makes the brown rice fluffier when served.

Other sites suggest soaking brown rice in cold water thirty minutes before cooking. While others say using broth instead of plain water for cooking will result to more appetizing brown rice. I haven’t tried either yet. I have a feeling the first suggestion will shorten cooking time, which right now lasts about 30 minutes for me (on the rice cooker). And the second suggestion will be welcomed by the kids!

I’ll let you know if I do try them out.

My kids, by the way, have gotten the hang of eating brown rice again. It took about a week or so of resistance manifested in half-finished bowls. Persistence, persistence. 😉

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Get Ready to Run (Part 2 of Running Tips)

There must be hundreds of reasons why we should run. These are a few of mine:

1. Running is so convenient. You can do it anytime you want and anywhere there’s space to run.

2. It is considerably more affordable than other sports. All you really need are basic running shoes that give adequate support and comfortable clothes. No other equipment needed.

3. Anyone can run. Of course, there are proper ways of running, and training should not be taken for granted. However, anyone can easily learn how to run, unlike other sports. Case in point: I have been trying to learn how to swim for the longest time, but… I really just cannot. Boohoo. But running? Though I am a work in progress, at least there is progress to speak of. 😀

4. It’s a great way to lose weight. For beginners, start with a run-walk regimen. Forget fad diets and supplements such as glucomannan weight loss pills.

5. The runner’s high is really something else. After running, I feel great, exhilarated, energized, even refreshed. Does it sound like I am overrating the sport? Well, you got to try it yourself to find out.

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Note: Before embarking on any exercise program or sport, make sure you get clearance from your physician.

Health Updates

It’s been a while since the last update on my health blog, Project:Fit. I have a new post there now. It’s about my ECG results that sent me panicking and/or emoting. I’m so relieved it’s just a case of a “misread” test. Whew. Read the story here.

In anticipation of the hectic schedule that come with the Holidays, I froze my Fitnes First account. That means no workout for the whole month of December, boohoo! By freezing my account, I will not pay the whole monthly fee, which I am sure I won’t be able to use anyway. Instead, I will only pay a minimal P400.00. What’s it for? I’m not sure. But at least it’s better than paying the whole fee. I saved Php1597! Continue reading Health Updates

Top 10 Diet Pills?

There’s a website that actually reviews diet pills and rates them accordingly.

The site apparently reviewed 200 slimming pills and rated them based on value, quality of ingredients, customer feedback, and safety, among other parameters. The top-rated slimming pill is Orovo, invented accidentally by a housewife who started eating 10 super-foods to reduce her wrinkles. But surprisingly, she lost not the wrinkles, but a few pounds. Wonderful accident, eh?

How did my ex-favorite slimming pill phentermine fare in the rating? It’s not even rated. I think it is because phentermine has serious issues on side effects. After giving birth to VGood 7 years ago, I started using phentermine. I lost 15 pounds in two months, if I remember right. But the side effects – dryness of mouth, palpitation, shaky hands, inability to sleep –  were all too much for me so I eventually had to stop.  When I stopped, the 15 pounds came back, along with a few more!

Using Phentermine no prescription is not advisable, especially if you have medical issues such as concurrent intake of prescription meds, hypertension, glaucoma and cardiovascular disease. Before taking any slimming pill, always consult your physician.