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On happiness and buying gifts

One of the more memorable life-experience gifts we gave our family is this simple, almost-spontaneous trip to the beach we took in December last year.

A few weeks back, I was watching a replay episode of  Oprah about Happiness where Goldie Hawn was guest. The book by Dan Buettner, Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way, was being discussed.

As always, a lot of things struck me while watching the show. For instance, I learned that a study has actually proven that sitting quietly for just 10 minutes each day will improve one’s happiness. (I should try this.)

A Harvard University study has shown that spending just 10 minutes each day sitting and breathing—doing absolutely nothing—will increase your happiness.

Interestingly, one of the calmest and most contented persons I know is one who practices meditation. No, he hasn’t always been calm and contented. On the contrary, he used to have explosive temper. But today, it seems nothing agitates him. Well… except his ex-wife, hehe.

Here’s another one: Up to 50% of your happiness is genetic.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found that people can be born happy—up to 50 percent of your happiness is genetic. (40 percent can be learned and 10 percent is influenced by life circumstances.)

So, if you think you were not born happy, don’t despair. You can still work on the other 40%.

The other thing that stuck to me from that Oprah episode is this: Life experience gifts bring more long-lasting happiness than material gifts. Again, a study actually proved this. Continue reading On happiness and buying gifts

Lost and Found

About three weeks ago, I discovered my 8-year old sunglasses weren’t in my bag. Not in the car either. Thanks but no thanks to my ageing neurons, I forgot that I wore them in morning going to the gym. I thought I might have just left them at home.

So I went on with my day as usual.

Several days passed, rainy and sunless so I had no use for the shades. Then the sun came out one day, I needed my shades. Search, search, search. Yak, yak, yak. That’s when I discovered the shades were missing. Officially.

I felt so bad about losing it. Dang! Those sunglasses are older than my second child VGood! Hubby bought it for me while I was pregnant. We were shopping for baby clothes at the mall. The sunglasses were on 30%-off. He wanted to please me.

It was a time when I was depressed and our relationship was difficult. Continue reading Lost and Found

iPatch is Eleven!

Yesterday, my lovely daughter, iPatch, turned 11. In two years, she will officially be a teenager. How I wish time would stand still.

Patch is a typical big sister. In school, I was told by her teacher that she always volunteers to help in projects and tasks. Here at home, she likes to baby-sit little brother Nate, and break up fights between him and VGood. At times, she teaches V her lessons.

She also has an ongoing affair with books, specifically Nancy Drew books.  Since last year, she has read 20 of the super-sleuth books (she keeps a record). I encouraged her to read because it will greatly help her in her English lessons. Now she knows I was correct. She’s breezing through her English tests.

Patch loves to have fun. She is bubbly, funny, friendly, talkative (too much, i think). She is also smart –  the brains behind certain protests in the past. 😀

I have truly been blessed with a wonderful daughter.


Happy birthday, Dear Patchy. You’re 11 now, but don’t grow up too fast. iMom isn’t ready just yet. I Love you.

Weekly Question # 9: Simple Pleasures

This week’s question from Julie:

What are the 5 simple pleasures that will give you, well, simple pleasures?

Times have changed… and so have I. 😛 Lately, I’ve become a more easily-pleased person. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy, so my top 5 for simple pleasure are:

1. A fully-functional PC with fast internet. Coffee on the side please. Husband goes to the market on a Sunday morning to buy the week’s supply of meat, fish and veggies, while he lets me sleep in. (Aaah, I love, love, love him for that!)

2. Having a bag of chips all to myself. This is a guilty pleasure. hehe.

3. Cheese popcorn and a good movie with the family.

4. At the end of an exhausting school-week, eating out and/or relaxing with my blog-friends and gym-buddies.

5. Husband goes to the market on a Sunday morning to buy the week’s supply of meat, fish and veggies, while he lets me sleep in. (wait, let me put this in no. 1 slot.) A fully-functional PC with fast internet and my favorite blogs. Coffee on the side please.

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Happy Birthday, VGood!

Yesterday was Vera’s 7th birthday.

I originally planned to hold a party for her 7th and Nate’s 2nd (on July 6th). But technohub and I figured a family weekend getaway would be more economical (and hassle-free) than organizing a full-blown birthday bash. So yes, weekend getaway won over kiddie party. 😀

Since we do our grocery shopping every Sunday, we all went to the mall as usual. First stop, though, was at the department store – V wanted new shoes for her birthday. I don’t really spoil my kids; they’re used to the talk-to-the-hand sign whenever they point and say “I want this! I want this!” , so they eventually stop clamoring. But during special days such as birthdays and Christmas, they usually have their wishes granted. ( So far, no one has asked for the moon, so…) Continue reading Happy Birthday, VGood!