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Saturday Photo Hunt: Curved

UPDATE: So. This post is so last week. This was the theme LAST week! Thanks, witsandnuts, for pointing that out to me. This is one huge senior moment. 😀

Today’s theme on Photo Hunters is Curved.

There was a time when my kids and I were so enthralled with our then-newly installed fishtank and its inhabitants. For a while I, a fishirazzi, stalked with my camera and shot incessantly at them.

I don’t think fish will ever get used to living in an aquarium –  the moment they see me hovering close by with that silver clicking thing, they’d all swim away, and take cover under leaves or logs. When I finally got the settings on my camera right, I was able to capture their fluid albeit fast movements.

The white-and-orange shubunkin with its curved tail fin was one of my favorites. Unfortunately it has since passed away. The orange shoobie on the right, though, is still alive and kicking swimming up to this very day.

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Feng Shui Aquarium – tips for newbies

Have you ever wanted to set up a feng shui aquarium? The idea was first broached by Technohub on a hot and humid summer evening.

He had this notion that the presence of water inside the house may cause a cooling effect. Of course, being Chinese, he knew that the water element, when placed properly, will bring good fortune to the home.

I actually loved the idea (of getting rich! Woot! Thus the name, Project: Gold, hahaha). Besides, I was running out of tricks to keep the kids entertained during this summer break. So we immediately went to work on it.

First, I googled the how-to’s. I came across these articles on tips for setting up a feng shui aquarium:

  • To attract energy for wealth and prosperity, the aquarium must be placed in the southeast area of the home.
  • Aquariums placed in the southeast direction should be rectangular in shape.
  • Never place an aquarium in the bedroom or the kitchen, as these areas should always be ruled by the fire element, the opposite of water.
  • Arrowanas and goldfish are good feng shui wealth fish. It is recommended to keep one arrowana or 9 (some sites say 8; the number is debatable) goldfish, with one being black.
  • Avoid having 2, 5, 7 or 10 fish together in an aquarium.
  • Avoid red-colored fish, as this is of the fire element and will work against the water element. (The idea is to create harmony among elements.)
  • The black fish (ideally a Black Moor) is meant to absorb negative energy in the home. If the black fish dies, it means there’s a strong negative force in the home.
  • It’s important to keep the fish and aquarium healthy. The water must always be clear, and the fish free from sickness.
  • If any of the fish dies, replace it with a bigger and more expensive kind.
  • An aerator that makes bubbles in the aquarium will enhance feng shui energies.
  • Lights will also enhance the good chi. Good lighting is important for fish health. Sylvania light bulbs and other brands of aquarium lights should provide adequate light.

Armed with these, the family went shopping around for equipment. We finally settled to purchase the tank, tank stand and other equipment (filters, aerator,and accessories) from Manila Aquatic Center, an aquatic shop along Blumentritt Street, Manila that’s been there ever since my husband could recall.

Owners Jojo and Kathy Cotaoco are very accomodating. They even delivered the equipment to our home (for a fee), and set up the aquarium (for free!). And the first inhabitant, Helga, was a starter-gift from them.

feng shui aquarium black moor redcap oranda shubunkin fantail
Clockwise: Wang, a black moor (RIP); Ying, a redcap Oranda (RIP); this trio (Ching, Ying and Yoko), which came from the same tank at a shop, loves to huddle under the driftwood; Helga, a common fantail, is a starter-gift from an aquatic shop.

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