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Back-up Your Files

Like most people in this almost-paperless age, I keep most of my files in my computer. A huge chunk of my computer memory goes to keeping my most treasured memories a.k.a. zillions of digital photo albums. When I get hold of important documents, I always make a digital copy and store it in my computer just in case the paper copy is stolen or lost.

But what happens when your PC conks, goes haywire, dies out on you? It’s very important to create back-ups. These could be in the form of CD-ROMs, or external computer memory gadgets such as USB flash drives and memory cards. Heed the advise, and you won’t regret it if and when your PC crashes.

Upgrading My PC’s Memory

Although it is still in perfect working condition, my 4-year old PC is a senior citizen by technology standards!

I realized this a few months ago when my PC broke down. I had a wonderful technician (Thanks, Annamanila!) fix it. But he suggested that I upgrade my PC memory to a bigger one, so that it can easily accommodate all my blogging paraphernalia, games, and gazzillions of photos.

So I started making calls to almost all shops with “PC” on their names. Unfortunately, I learned that my motherboard version (I forgot the geeky term they used) is on the brink of extinction. Therefore, my memory upgrade won’t be that easy.

After several calls and hearing the same thing over and over, I gave up. Maybe I will just wait for the next conk out. Hopefully, by then, I’d have saved enough to buy me a new laptop. For now, I am content with my senior-citizen PC.

(Mental note to self: Back-up your files! Back-up your files!)

Weekly Question # 1

Julie at Greenbucks started a new meme called “Weekly Questions“. It’s simple – we answer the question she asks each week.

WQ # 1 is: Would you know if your husband/partner is reading your blog?


Yes, I know if he does or does not. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. In this blog, he is known as technohub – the one who is oh so technologically-challenged. It took him a while to finally decide he needed an email account (duh!). Lucky for him because I do all his emails… well, I used to. Now he has a Yahoo mail, a Gmail, and DSL connection in his office too! Recently he has been mulling over the idea of buying a laptop. But, as always, the voice of reason triumphed and, instead, he bought a memory stick. (According to him, to do remote office work, all he really needed was a memory stick and Google Documents. Then he can go into any internet shop to access his files. Smart eh? Nagtitipid lang, hehe.)

So. Where was I? Oh yeah… Does husband read my blog? No, I don’t think he does. Or else, I couldn’t rant on and on about him. 😛 Despite all the technological advances happening in his life, he really has not gotten into web-surfing, let alone blog-reading. He is too busy for such things, his mind too full for much else but work. 🙁 If I have a certain blog post I want him to read, I would have to go to that page, seat him beside me, and walk him through the post. He doesn’t have much patience for such… err… inanities (as I imagine he must think my blogging is).

Say “Aaaaargh”

It’s great to finally have my PC and internet access back! *crossing fingers, toes and eyes*

The past weeks have been a challenge – the reason why this blog has been silent for a long while.

Two weeks ago, MyDestiny (my ISP) conked out on me. It took a while for the tech crew to figure out the problem. The crew had already returned twice to my house by the time the figured it was the modem. And since the incident happened on a weekend, I had to wait for Monday for them to replace/repair it.

Almost immediately after the modem incident, it was the ol’ PC’s turn to conk out. Continue reading Say “Aaaaargh”

New Year, New Look

As predicted by Abaniko, the Christmas theme’s lifespan has indeed lapsed. 😛

I do not know why, but I could not seem to find the drive to blog recently. But, anyway, I set off two evenings ago in search for a new theme, hoping that a refreshing change would renew my drive.

How appropriate it is then that the perfect theme I found is named “Bright Side“? It was designed by Headsetoptions and Mandarinmusing, the same guys who did the Rain Drops theme I used for most of 2007. I love that I don’t have to tweak around much with their themes. And, again, I can’t stop raving about how easy it is to switch themes on WordPress.

This year, I need to focus more on the brighter side of things. Though it was good in many ways, 2007 was difficult for my husband’s business. In fact, he says it is probably the worst year ever. Continue reading New Year, New Look