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Two Birthdays In A Row and A Granted Wish

VGood’s and MagNate’s birthdays are only a week apart. In the past two years, we’ve been celebrating the double birthdays with out-of-town trips. Incidentally, both were at Subic (well yes, it’s one of our fave places).

This year, due to time and budget constraints, their birthdays were celebrated simply with the ceremonial birthday candle blowing and a family dinner.

Nate turned 3, while V is now 8.

Thanks to the gift certificates that I won from a blog-writing contest by Red Ribbon, I was able to save on the two kids’ cakes! Yay!

We loved Nate’s animal-designed cake. BUT- next time I’m only ordering white-icing cakes. No more food-colored icings. Why, you ask? Continue reading Two Birthdays In A Row and A Granted Wish

Blogging Your Way To Weight Loss???

This is the pointed question that I got from VGood this afternoon – 

V: Mom, are you really blogging your way to weight loss??? (with dramatic emphasis on “weight  loss”)

iMom: Yes, I think so. Why?

V (quietly, but with conviction): Liar.

iMom (almost furious): Huh?? What did you say??!??

V: How can you be losing weight when you’re sitting all day in front of the computer??

Uhhm. That makes sense. Thanks for the reminder, VGood (who, along with her cohorts, sometimes refers to me as the Computer Addict.)

(Warning: Segue ahead.)

The remark was brought on by the title of the article on Women’s Health-Philippines Magazine featuring moi Blogging Her Way to Weight Loss. V does not concur. hahaha 😀
Did I use the best diet pills to lose weight? Click on the article link to find out. 😉

What is Emo?

“What is emo?”

This question was posed by my 7-year old daughter VGood to a classmate.

Classmate answered V’s question with a drawing – 

“Emo girl/boy that always wear[s] black dress and makeup and like a punk or always drunk.”

I cracked up when I saw this yesterday while fixing V’s school bag. Kids come up with the most hilarious ideas. I think, though, that the classmate confused ’emo’ with ‘goth’. 😛 Continue reading What is Emo?

Daily Dose of V Quips 3

Nakapag-ipon na ulit ako ng V Quips, so here’s another installment.


Last month, my dad’s US-based older brother and his wife came to visit the Philippines. Dad, Uncle B and Auntie P spent one whole afternoon catching up on each other at a gas station that happened to be near my kids’ school. Someone thought it was a good idea to bring my kids there after school so they could meet their grannies. So I did. 

Fast forward to  snack time…

Auntie P: What do you like to eat, kids? Choose whatever you like… Go ahead!

My kids hesitated, just a little bit, but got themselves some ice cream and drinks anyway. The adults chatted some more. The kids started to get bored, found themselves lingering near the freezer. Tita T (owner of the gas station) notices V looking at something inside the freezer. (At this point, I pretend they are not my kids. Nakakahiya!)

Tita T: What do you like?

V (smiles sheepishly): That one (points to Nestle Pops)… But that’s expensive eh.

Tita T (probably amused): Don’t worry, I’m rich!

V (eyes lit up, grinning widely): Oooh, she’s rich!


Same afternoon with their new-found grannies…

V to Uncle B: Are you sure you’re 83?

Uncle B (who only wears reading eyeglasses, despite his age): Yes. Why? Continue reading Daily Dose of V Quips 3

Photohunt: Together

Today’s photohunt theme is together.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to post this photo, and today’s theme couldn’t be more perfect. My daughter, iPatch, was probably on fun-mode when she snapped this:

Continue reading Photohunt: Together