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Look Ma, I Got Kisses Today!

One day after school –

V: Ma, Casey gave me kisses today!

iMom: Whaaat??

V: Yeah, three kisses! So I added them to the others in my bottle. But teacher confiscated it. *sad face*

Whew! Now I know what those kisses are. No, not the chocolates. Certainly not lip smacks.

I don’t know about your kids, but kisses seem to be a hit in my kids’ school.

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Active Play at Active Fun SM North Annex

Last Friday, my mommy blogger friends and our kids gathered at Active Fun SM North Annex branch for an after-school party.

Active Fun Children’s Play and Party Centres promote active play for kids ages 2-12 years.

In this modern age of techie gadgets, it’s so easy for kids (and convenient for parents!) to plop in front of the TV, computer, gaming consoles… and be sucked up playing all day long.

When I was younger (there goes that phrase again!), all we had were handmade paper dolls, real-live trees, and improvised household items for playthings. Of course, there’s the advantage of growing up in the great outdoors of Baguio City. Continue reading Active Play at Active Fun SM North Annex

On Rainy Afternoons and Simple Fun

The past several days, Metro Manila has had really sizzling hot weather! It’s been hot, humid, sticky days. And, almost without fail, it rains in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s just a drizzle. On other days, it’s a downpour.

On hot days like these, I wish I had a pool I could dip into anytime, or at least a bath tub (with some sleek Grohe fixtures) where I could relax while cooling down… Anyhoo, back to reality (the heat is making me delirious)…

The other day, there was a heavy downpour. VGood asked if they could play in the rain. Please, please, please, pretty pleeeaase, she begged.

I said okay – she did not have to beg me much. Oh they were so happy! In my heart, I was happy watching them have fun too, kahit mababaw lang.

Sometimes, I just let them be. They’re just kids anyway. (And, oh no, it’s absolutely not true that letting kids play in the rain will make them sick. 😉 )

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A Passable ’30s Wife and Other Blog Things

Kayni tagged me with this blog-thing…

What kind of 1930s wife would I have been?

You Would Make an Okay 1930s Wife

You have some of the attributes of an ideal 1930’s wife… but you probably didn’t intend it to be that way.
You don’t buy into retro gender roles, though you do embrace your femininity at times.
A 1930’s man may find you passable, but you probably wouldn’t want anything to do with him.

Photo Hunt: ANYthing – Serene Serendra

SPH button

This week on tnchick.com, the theme for the Photo Hunt is ANY PHOTO.

One cool morning in February, my husband, kids and I found ourselves at the Serendra Piazza, Fort Bonifacio. Husband’s work brought us there at such an early hour. All shops were still closed. The place looked lovely when deserted! It was almost serene. How apt – serene Serendra.

Serendra Deserted

The open spaces and runway-looking fixtures were too tempting. So my kids decided to stage a fashion show/photo shoot. 😛 Continue reading Photo Hunt: ANYthing – Serene Serendra