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The Eating Club @ Burgoo Rockwell

Yep, that’s what we decided to call ourselves.

We’re a group of mommy bloggers who met online, and discovered that we have one other common denominator (aside from blogging) – eating!

For me, eating out with great friends is a nice way of de-stressing, detaching myself momentarily from the cares of mommy-hood. Planning this particular adventure actually began with an email that sounded like – “I’m tired. School days are so toxic. Let’s meet?”

We’ve had several eating adventures already. Last week, it was agreed that we’d drive all the way from the north end of Metro Manila to Makati in order to taste the Japanese-American cuisine of JohnandYoko. Unfortunately, EDSA was jammed with motorists and it was taking us forever to get out of Quezon City.

So at the last minute, it was decided we’d settle for Powerplant at Rockwell. We walked around, rode the escalators up and down, in search of a good resto. In the process, Cookie and I were lured into buying great ballet flats on sale at CMG. Hay…

We finally settled for Burgoo. Continue reading The Eating Club @ Burgoo Rockwell

Most Expensive Parking in Quezon City

I’ve worked in Makati City before, and I know that parking fees are really expensive there. Given the scarcity of space, high number of vehicles, and premium price of land in Makati, the cost of parking is justifiable.

But how about when one gets charged Php100 for 5-hour outdoor parking in Quezon City? Is that justifiable?

This happened to me and Cookie (only, she was charged Php80 even if she got there a few minutes ahead of me) on Thursday last week.

We – three mommy bloggers, Lynn, Cookie and I – got together at around 4 PM for foot spa and relaxation at the Nail Loft branch in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. The rip-off parking fee (unknown to us at that time) was courtesy of Diliman Commercial Complex, the building where Nail Loft, along with Convergys, Starbucks, Ministop, is located. Continue reading Most Expensive Parking in Quezon City

Two Movies in a Week

That’s right! It seems this movie-loving mom has been deprived of cinema trips for too long.

Movie No. 1 – I am not particularly proud to announce I that I went to see it. It was the fault of my gym buddies. They were bored. They wanted to see a movie instead of working out. They wanted to relax and unwind. They, however, did not find Iron Man (which is the only other movie showing last week at Greenhills) appropriate for 3 moms wishing for some relaxed moments. So, the only other option really was, ulk, When Love Begins. *Altogether now: “Eeeeewwww!”*

The story is okay – nothing spectacular to rave about (except Aga, who remains such a cutie!). It is still the girl-meets-boy-they-fall-in-love-but kind of thing, given a few twists. At least the three of us left the cinema laughing and joking. One of my friends is happily separated, and we were joking her to go to Boracay. She just might find her Aga there! 😛

Movie No. 2 – my family has been looking forward to watching it. But we have been too busy getting sick, husband too busy working, that we almost missed it.

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom stars two of my family’s favorite actors – Jacky Chan (because, in the eyes of my kids, he looks like their dad, LOLOLOLZ) and Jet Li. That it was a kung fu movie also excited my kids and my not-so-little kid (a.k.a. technohub). The moves and stunts were finely executed, as can be expected from these two great stars. VGood was so engrossed with the movie. It was fun too see her wide-eyed amazement and hear her gleeful wheeee! The kids came home doing flying kicks and conjuring fire balls. :0

We watched at SM North Edsa The Block. I wanted to watch at Trinoma because of Tater’s cheese popcorn. My husband wanted to watch at The Block because there’s no crowd there on weekend nights anymore and parking is wide open. Everyone’s at Trinoma these days. Okay, fine, I concede. We bought the movie tickets and proceeded to buy some munch. At the popcorn counter, we found out there’s no cheese popcorn.

iMom: Whhaaa? No cheese?? You ran out?

Popcorn girl: No ma’am, we really don’t offer it.

Das crazy! So we went all over SM looking for cheese popcorn. We found the last 4 bags of cheese popcorn at the Holy Kettle Corn kiosk down at the food court of the main building. It wasn’t the cheesy cheese popcorn we all craved for, but it was better than nothing. Oh, for the love of cheese popcorn!

A Year of Blogging, A Lifetime of Friendships

(This post slept on draft mode for a month. But better late than later – wisdom I got from Toni who has been saying it since high school. 😛 )


September 6th marks the first time I wrote an entry for this blog. One year ago, inspired by Vlado&Toni, I began the iMoM blog over at Blogger. I was clueless on what to blog about (though it seems not much has changed since). But I fired away, anyway.

One year and 140 posts later, much have transpired.

I am a frustrated writer, I think. (I doubt not the “frustrated” part, but the “writer” part.) There is truth in what annamanila wrote in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine issue last week. Like most bloggers, I “found instant gratification in blogging”. This has become my outlet – a channel for venting thoughts, whether sane or inane.

I have this nice, cozy home – my own domain, imomonline.net – because I won the anniversary contest at Noemi’s blog. I was so happy – it was the first time I ever really won a contest, and liked the prize too. Thank you again, Noemi! Maybe next year, I will also hold a blog anniversary contest. But what to give away? Doors, perhaps? 😛

More importantly, I have found new, wonderful friends. I discovered that cyber-friendships can be very real. To my real-world friends who still think blog-friendship is ridiculous, think again. I could say that my blog-friends know more about me than my real-life friends do.

What’s most wonderful is how the cyber-friendships have transcended into reality. We chat online, and chat some more over coffee. We visit each others’ cyber-homes a.k.a. blogs, and get together still for meet-ups. Blogging has opened up a whole new dimension in my social life (which, by the way, was almost non-existent about a year ago). If only for this, I am forever grateful I started blogging. 😀

To all my new-found friends and readers of this blog, thank you for taking time to visit. I appreciate the time you take to read and comment. You make blogging worth the while. Thank you, thank you.

I do not know for how long I’d be able to sustain this blog. I hope for many many years. But this is certain: I have made friends to last a lifetime.

Bloggers’ Party @ Taste Asia – SM Hypermarket

Last Thursday night, SM HypermarketMall Of Asia gathered about 400 bloggers for a huge party at Taste Asia. It was the first bloggers’ party that I ever attended. And for the first time, I realized how young the majority of Filipino bloggers are. Not that it mattered, because the PMN moms and I had fun just as the, uhmm, kids did! 😛

p1014778_edited-small.JPGCookie, who graciously hitched me a ride in her car, and I got to MOA at about 7:30 pm. There weren’t many people yet at the venue, but food and drinks were already starting to flow. A waiter offered us some cocktails and asked us what we’d like to drink. One of the choices was “green tea”, which I excitedly ordered. The refreshing green excited me all the more. But as it turned out, it was a cocktail mix of green tea extract and Ginebra San Miguel Gin! Thanks but no thanks. Diet Coke na lang please!


This was my dinner plate. I loved the pork barbecue (so tender and tasty) and baked mussels!

There was a CliqueBooth, which added more fun to the party! With Annamanila and Noemi dominating the scene, Cookie, Rowena, her sis Rhodora, and I had no choice but to try and squeeze in our faces. hehe 😛


With Cookie, Teacher Julie, Annamanila, Rowena, and Dine


With Anton of Our Awesome Planet and Cookie

The party was also the awarding night for winners of the SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest. The big winner was AnitoKid, who won a trip for two to Kuala Lumpur. Anton, above, won a digital camera for placing second, and Butch Dado (along with two others) a DVD player for placing third. My two friends, Dine and Annamanila, won kewl Nike sunglasses for their entries.

Everybody went home happy with nice goody bags. I got a bag of Sunsilk Shampoo and (possibly) one-year supply of Knorr Sinigang Mix! 😀 Thanks, SM Hypermarket, for organizing this fun event for bloggers.