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Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo in Baguio City

I finally had a reunion date with my childhood BFF, Padma, whom I’ve not seen since the 1986 EDSA Revolution. I had to use a calculator to count – 24 years! We set the date at Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo, a newly opened fine dining restaurant at the top of Session Road, right below SM City.

Hill Station is in one of the oldest buildings in Baguio, Casa Vallejo. I’m trying to go back as far as I can remember, and back then (wasn’t too long ago, heh!), Casa Vallejo housed a dance studio, some government offices, as well as the hotel. I’m not too sure if the hotel was still operational then. (I was too young to care.) Sadly, through the years, the building was neglected.

Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo Baguio CIty

So it was great news to me when I heard Casa Vallejo was being restored and relaunched as a boutique hotel, and that a wonderful restaurant would soon open there -Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo.

Okay, I’m lost now. Back to the reunion date… Continue reading Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo in Baguio City

If you must regift…

… read this article on Regifting 101 first. 


Breakfast this morning. Breakfast buddy and I have been meeting for breakfast since December rolled in. Actually, we’re gym buddies, but because we both “froze” our gym accounts this month (my silly excuse is “I’m gonna be soooo busy.” Yeah, right), we have nowhere to go to after bringing the kids to school… (sooooo busy daw???)


Back to breakfast this morning. Breakfast buddy and I were getting ready to order when she said – 

“Ah, alam mo, yung tops na bigay mo sa akin? Kaparehas ng birthday gift sa akin ni Tentay… as in exactly the same.”

iMom: “Aaahh… Talaga. Huh??? Ganun bigay ko sa kanya nung birthday nya ah…”

Buddy: “Aahhh…” (Now probably feeling bad she opened her mouth.) 


Tentay recycled my gift to her. Within the same circle of friends!!! Now, that‘s a brave move. Continue reading If you must regift…


SUPER BELATED UPDATE [27 September 2010]: Oh, so during our family gathering in Baguio that Christmas in 2008, we did mix our own Margarita! I followed the proportions below and my sisters thought it was too strong (although it was perfectly fine for me, I tellz ya.) So we ended up using more lime juice than stated in the recipe below. 🙂

Last Friday, Christmas party season officially started for me.

It was a get-together with gym buddies/school mom-friends/birthday bash in one. I rarely drink when I am out with friends. That’s because I drive myself, and I prefer to get home in one piece, thank you.

But last Friday, I wanted to “unwind”. So I asked my husband if he wanted to drive me. “You can play billiards while waiting for me,” I segued. Lucky me, he agreed! So I happily helped myself to two glasses of margarita.

Bellissimo Ristorante (of Cesar Montano) at the Morato Area is my friends’ favorite hangout. I love that the margarita there is not expensive – just Php70 per serving. I could have had more, but hub picked me up early.

It seems like margarita is going to be my favorite drink this holidays. Here’s a really simple recipe I found online: Continue reading Mmmmmmargarita!

The Filipino Mom Blog – a group blog project

The other exciting personal pursuit I talked about in my previous post is The Filipino Mom Blog. And it is finally online!

How did this begin? It was never intended to be a full-blown blog project… All we – Cess, Cookie, Feng, Julie, Lynn, Wenchie and I – wanted to do initially was to blog about our eating conquests. But, well, now it seems we wanted to do so much more. 😀

What makes the FMB so interesting is how we were brought together. The seven of us met online as blogging moms. Because we lived near one another, we started organizing sporadic little meet-ups – for coffee, for dinner, for spa dates, even a picnic with the kids. Eventually, we became more real than virtual friends. We shared little victories, asked each other for advices, and simply enjoyed each one’s company. I realized how real and special our friendhip has become when I read about a wish that was granted… And I was part of that wish! (*sniff, sniff*)

Oh, we have many stories to share. I could go on and on and on. But I suppose you’d rather read about them at The Filipino Mom Blog. We hope our stories about family, friendships, food and everything in between will inspire you.

Night-out with gym buddies @ Bellissimo Ristorante

Two weeks ago, I decided to join my gym buddies, who have been chiding me to go out with them for the longest time.

You might imagine gym buddies to be figure-conscious folks who eat like birds. But not these gym buddies. It’s no wonder why I’ve been having so much difficulty losing the last 5 pounds. I hang out with these guys after working out at the gym!

We went to Bellissimo Ristorante, a small Italian-inspired restaurant along Scout Castor Street, near the corner of Tomas Morato in Quezon City. It’s owned by actor Cesar Montano, whose paintings make the place a bit more interesting. (Unfortunately, he wasn’t there that night. *sad* )

Yep, the resto doubles as his gallery. The first time I ate here was with my bloggin’ Eat-Club girl friends. Continue reading Night-out with gym buddies @ Bellissimo Ristorante