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Wonka Carameldelicious bar at Candy Corner

Candy Corner Philippines introduces Wonka Carameldelicious bar.

As a child, one of my favorite movies was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I’m blurry with the details of the original version (on which Johnny Depp’s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was based). But I was certainly thrilled with Charlie’s fortunate chancing upon a silver coin, his buying the lucky chocolate bar with the golden ticket, and eventual Chocolate Factory tour!

As a child, I wondered if such a magical chocolate factory – with pools of chocolate, houses, trees and plants made of chocolate – really existed, and found myself wishing. It was such a memorable movie that when the newer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie came out, I made sure the kids watched it.

Well, of course now we know there isn’t a real factory like Willy Wonka’s. But we do know that chocolates are natural antidepressants for the PEA (phenylethylalamine) they contain. In fact, many of my women friends turn to chocolates when they feel down. I do!

Anyway, Wonka (the chocolate company) has a new delightful sweet treat for chocolate lovers: the  Wonka Carameldelicious bar!

wonka carameldelicious bar

Wonka Carameldelicious is made with creamy milk chocolate, rich caramel and crunchy rice crispies.

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Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo in Baguio City

I finally had a reunion date with my childhood BFF, Padma, whom I’ve not seen since the 1986 EDSA Revolution. I had to use a calculator to count – 24 years! We set the date at Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo, a newly opened fine dining restaurant at the top of Session Road, right below SM City.

Hill Station is in one of the oldest buildings in Baguio, Casa Vallejo. I’m trying to go back as far as I can remember, and back then (wasn’t too long ago, heh!), Casa Vallejo housed a dance studio, some government offices, as well as the hotel. I’m not too sure if the hotel was still operational then. (I was too young to care.) Sadly, through the years, the building was neglected.

Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo Baguio CIty

So it was great news to me when I heard Casa Vallejo was being restored and relaunched as a boutique hotel, and that a wonderful restaurant would soon open there -Hill Station Restaurant Casa Vallejo.

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Homemade Bangus Sisig Recipe

Here’s a quick, simple idea to cook for lunch this weekend  – homemade bangus sisig.


Since 1999, my family has excluded beef from our diet due to husband’s religious beliefs.

Recently, influenced by articles I have been reading at the Philippine Online Chronicles’ Health and Wellness channel, I’ve been trying to eat more healthily. The spillover effect cascades down to my family, whether they like it or not. teeeheee. 😛

I’m buying more fish and lean chicken now than the usual pork and chicken legs we always used to love. Though Nate is allergic to fish, I discovered that he does not react as badly anymore to white chicken meat.

Anyway… back to the topic.

One day last week, I found my freezer with nothing but bangus fillets and cream dory. And the kids were getting tired of fried fish, baked fish, fried fish, baked fish.

Then… *ting!* the light bulb went: bangus sisig! I’ve never done it, but I’m sure it’s a lot like pork sisig. Google search to the rescue.

And so I discovered that homemade bangus sisig is a whole lot easier and healthier than pork sisig, one of my family’s favorites.

Healthy homemade bangus sisig recipe

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Cooking Brown Rice in Rice Cooker

how to cook brown rice

In an effort to observe a healthier diet, my family has gone back to eating brown rice. Compared to its white counterpart, brown rice is full of the good stuff – vitamins and trace minerals essential in fighting cancers and other diseases. It’s also a low glycemic index food, meaning it belongs to the good carbs gang.

I think brown rice is an acquired taste. The kids, especially, always don’t find it easy adjusting to the coarser texture and earthy taste. When cooked with too little water, the grains turn out tough. So we cook ours with a little more water and a little bit longer.

We use rice cooker to cook brown rice. The rice is rinsed with cold water once. Then water is measured with 1:2 ratio. That is, for each cup of brown rice, use 2 cups of cold water. After rice boils and all the water is absorbed, I keep the lid on for about 15 minutes more to let the rice continue cooking. This makes the brown rice fluffier when served.

Other sites suggest soaking brown rice in cold water thirty minutes before cooking. While others say using broth instead of plain water for cooking will result to more appetizing brown rice. I haven’t tried either yet. I have a feeling the first suggestion will shorten cooking time, which right now lasts about 30 minutes for me (on the rice cooker). And the second suggestion will be welcomed by the kids!

I’ll let you know if I do try them out.

My kids, by the way, have gotten the hang of eating brown rice again. It took about a week or so of resistance manifested in half-finished bowls. Persistence, persistence. 😉

Check out the benefits of brown rice in my fitness blog.


Snickers in A Doughnut from Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme‘s at it again…

After Oreo Chocolate Kreme Cakes, this time Krispy Kreme brings the chewy, nutty chocolatey goodness of Snickers into doughnuts.

According to Wikipedia, Snickers is the best-selling chocolate bar of all time, with annual global sales reaching up to USD 2 Billion!

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