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Cheers to life. Cheers to everyday.

Life with three kids… Where do I begin?┬á Everyday is an adventure – no dull moments with them. Sure it’s hard (say that again!?). But it is also full of rich and rewarding moments. Each day is a reason to say “cheers to life!”

It’s not the big and the great, though, but the small pockets of happy moments that really make mothering my three kids fulfilling. And when are we really at our happiest, nicest, best moments? When else, but while we’re eating together! ­čśŤ

Whether we are making food or partaking of it, celebrating a birthday or a high grade, going out for a family meal or a quick after-school snack, eating brings the “cheers to everyday”.

So I put together a video of some of our best moments with food!


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Chicken teriyaki noodles recipe

So, I’m on a roll – both here and in the kitchen! ­čÖé┬áLast night I prepared Chicken Teriyaki tossed in fresh noodles for dinner. So voila – I have a chicken teriyaki noodles recipe!

chicken teriyaki noodles recipe

As always, it’s easy, quick, and a hit with my family. (Naks! Yes, they’re my biggest and only fans.) Here’s my chicken teriyaki noodles recipe. Continue reading Chicken teriyaki noodles recipe

Homemade longganisa recipe

Because my son is atopic and has many food allergies, we’ve avoided eating food with preservatives as much as we can for the longest time. That means hotdogs, commercial tocino and longganisa, Spam, ham, instant noodles, and a lot of other convenient foodstuff are off the list.┬áThis homemade┬álongganisa recipe is a family favorite, along with our chicken tocino recipe.

Family #breakfast – #homemade #longganisa, and fried eggs by Vera!

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homemade longganisa recipe skinless

Our homemade skinless longganisa recipe (Filipino sausage) is sweet-spicy and garlicky.

I got this longganisa recipe from an old Food Magazine issue that dates back to October 2001. The page is now crumpled and dirty from all the kitchen-handling. Continue reading Homemade longganisa recipe

Cooking with SM Master Chef Bruce Lim

Cooking with SM Master Chef Bruce Lim

Back in July, SM launched the Master Chefs program. SM Master Chefs centers on a series of Cooking Marathons in SM Hypermarkets all over the country featuring renowned Filipino chefs and partner-brands. Since July, the Master Chefs have been touring Hypermarkets all over the country to share their expertise.┬áLast Tuesday, it was SM Clark’s turn to host the bubbly and charismatic Master Chef Bruce Lim, owner and executive chef at Chef’s Table and Hyphy’s.

chef Bruce Lim

Chef Bruce Lim whipped up Corn and Crab Soup and Asian Stir-fried Pasta, both made easier and yummier using Lee Kum Kee products.

(Recipes below.)

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Chicken Charlie Korean style fried chicken

I got my first taste of Chicken Charlie a few nights ago when Hub brought home some takeout for dinner.

chicken charlie

The package had a warning at the bottom that said: “The chicken you are about to experience is highly addictive.”

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