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French Toast Bake Recipe | Breakfast idea

french toast bake recipeI don’t blame Pinterest for the long hours wasted pinning and repinning.¬†It’s a wonderful place! Pinterest is where I find gorgeous home decor, helpful housekeeping tips, and lots of yummy recipes. And it’s so easy to file away stuff you find – just pin to a board and hope you’d remember to go back and actually try them out in real life. ūüėĬ†But this french toast bake recipe¬†looked too yummy and easy to just leave it forgotten at my FOOD! board.

I was lucky to get one volunteer to assist so V and I gathered all we needed one night after dinner. Continue reading French Toast Bake Recipe | Breakfast idea

Christmas cookie recipe secret kisses for santa

Christmas cookie recipe: Secret Kisses for Santa

The idea came from this conversation while we were looking at some photos of art cakes that my sister Sherry made… And a fairly easy Christmas cookie recipe¬†that V found in a cookbook¬†I got from an event.

V: Aww, I wish you could bake like tita Sherry.

Me: Hmmm. I never bake. It’s very hard to bake. You have to measure everything exactly. It’s messy. We have no pans, no tools… (voice trails off with more excuses)

V: Hmm… Can I try baking?

Me: SURE! (thought bubble: whew, please don’t try to talk me into it!)

V: Really? Yay!

The other two – Patch and Nate – were excited with the new project too so off we went to the supermarket to buy their materials.

We have a kiddie cookbook at home called The Witchkins (by Mel Martinez-Francisco) that I got from the ladies of Tomatis Philippines when I attended an event at their Rockwell center. It’s got some really easy recipes and this Christmas cookie recipe –Secret Kisses for Santa-¬†¬†is perfect for my newbie bakers.

Christmas cookie recipe The Witchkins kids cookbook

We all agreed to make the Secret Kisses for Santa recipe because it’s primarily egg-free (Nate is allergic to eggs). We also bought¬†some white chocolate to substitute the Kisses in some pieces too. So even if it isn’t Christmas, and Santa is most probably enjoying himself in some sunny getaway, we decided on doing this one.

Christmas cookie recipe - secret kisses for santa with hershey's kisses

SECRET KISSES FOR SANTA – Christmas Cookie Recipe

Ingredients: Continue reading Christmas cookie recipe: Secret Kisses for Santa

Cooking with SM Master Chef Bruce Lim

Cooking with SM Master Chef Bruce Lim

Back in July, SM launched the Master Chefs program. SM Master Chefs centers on a series of Cooking Marathons in SM Hypermarkets all over the country featuring renowned Filipino chefs and partner-brands. Since July, the Master Chefs have been touring Hypermarkets all over the country to share their expertise.¬†Last Tuesday, it was SM Clark’s turn to host the bubbly and charismatic Master Chef Bruce Lim, owner and executive chef at Chef’s Table and Hyphy’s.

chef Bruce Lim

Chef Bruce Lim whipped up Corn and Crab Soup and Asian Stir-fried Pasta, both made easier and yummier using Lee Kum Kee products.

(Recipes below.)

Continue reading Cooking with SM Master Chef Bruce Lim

Cheese and Sausage Meatloaf | Weekend Cook

My first experiment on Cheese and Sausage Meatloaf was a hit with my 3 biggest fans – Patchy, VGood and Hub (lol, who else??) –¬†except that there was a lot of meat juices (“nag sabaw”). On my second attempt, I drained the ground meat well before mixing it with the other ingredients. This seemed to do the trick.

cheese and sausage meatloaf for school baon idea

This cheese and sausage meatloaf is fuss-free , can be prepared ahead of time, tastes good whether warm or cold, and makes for great school lunch (baon).

Plus it’s a sneaky¬†way to disguise fiber – there’s a cupful of oatmeal in there! Leftovers also make great sandwich fillers.

And because I used oatmeal instead of wheat flour, this is a gluten free meatloaf recipe!

Here are what you will need to make a medium-sized cheese and sausage meatloaf good for 4 to 6 persons: Continue reading Cheese and Sausage Meatloaf | Weekend Cook