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Banana Peel Flip Flops for fashionable feet

I remember buying my first pair of Banana Peel flip flops many years ago at a department store. Back then, Banana Peel was a new brand, with simple designs. What I liked (and made me buy) were the cute prints and vibrant colors that set Banana Peel apart from the rest of the others on the tsinelas rack.

Fast forward to today, Banana Peel is a proud Philippine brand that is quickly capturing the market with its trendy and chic designs. Banana Peel flip flops now has a full line for women, men and kids.

The nice folks at Banana Peel recently sent me a few pairs from their new collection. The kids and I were happy with our new pairs of Banana Peels.

Banana Peel flip flops

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Gift idea: Banding with Jelly Bandz

The Jelly Bandz phenomenon is now in the Philippines!

Last week, I received in the mail a package from Jelly Bandz, a fashion craze among kids today. Jelly Bandz, in fact, is listed in Amazon’s Top 10 best-selling toys and games.

My kids eagerly tore up the package and tried some on:

They are cute! And yes, these Jelly Bandz do make great conversation pieces among the kids. My ever-sociable dear V made a new friend at the playground because of her Jelly Bandz. (Well, V always makes new friends nga naman pala, hehe)

As expected, V loved the Jelly Princess collection, while Nate was very amused with the Dinosaur-shaped bands. The themes, such as numbers, animals and fruits, add an educational dimension to the bands.

Oh yeah, Nate, as most of you know, has skin asthma. He would usually get rashes from prolonged skin contact with irritants like rubber. Guess what? His skin had no reaction with Jelly Bandz. It’s probably because the bands use good-quality rubber, which is also the reason why the bands do not easily go out of shape.

Jelly Bandz are a great Christmas gift idea for young kids over 3. At just Php49.00 per pack of 12 bands, these cute and fashionable accessories (either for the wrists or the hair) will be loved by your kids, your nephews and nieces, your friends’ kids and your kids’  friends.

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VNC Shoes and Bags Mid Year Sale

VNC Shoes, one of the top ladies’ shoe brands in the country, is having a midyear sale!
VNC shoes midyear sale

So many shoes… so little time 🙂
VNC celebrates its MID YEAR Sale!
Satisfy your foot fetish with up-to-the-minute trends at half the price! Get strapped with fab finds at 70% off!

Visit VNC at Robinsons Galleria, Glorietta III, Robinsons Place
Manila, TriNoma, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Alabang Town Center,
Shangri-La Plaza Mall and SM North Edsa Annex.

VNC Shoes is from the same Malaysian company that produces global brands such as Vincci and Padini. All their shoes and bags are made in Malaysia.

What I like about VNC (I have two pairs of sandals and a bag, definitely counting) is the quality. I don’t see stray thread in my bag’s stitching, or smudged glue around the soles of my shoes. When buying shoes or bags, these are the signs (of bad craftsmanship) I watch out for.

What I don’t like about VNC is how fast the good styles run out (especially in my size), and how their bags are so limited. So if you find something you really, really like, don’t let it go.

Anyway, if you’ve seen their stylish shoes and fashionable bags to crave for, you’d definitely be dashing to one of their stores.

I attended a VNC party held for bloggers a few weeks ago, and they gave us a sneak preview into the new collection. Although there are actually a lot of nice flats in their stores, the party displayed mostly heeled ones. Here are a few shots I took –

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Fab Holiday Find – Silver


The theme for this week is SILVER.

Bazaars that sprout during the Christmas season are just wonderful treasure troves. I found this silver-plated fasyon ring at the Big Tent Bazaar, same day as when I found the fabo zebra-clutch for tita.

I bought 2 other rings (different designs) so I got a 20% discount on all three. 😀 I like how unique this piece is, although I don’t think it will look very nice on my stubby hands. I think this will perfectly fit sister # 3!

Oh, that surface where the ring is standing on? It’s my silver-chassis laptop. Hub helped me buy it – I paid 1/3 of its price with my blogging income. The rest is hub’s Christmas gift for me. Isn’t that kewl??? Hub bought it from a friend/gadget-shop owner, so we got about 10% discount. *insert banana_rock icon here*

spring plungers are silver things, but do not exactly make fab finds.

Fab Holiday Finds – White


I kinda had a hard time looking for something white. So my post isn’t really pure white. But it’s till quite fabulous.

Some time in October, I found myself wandering through the stalls at the Big Tent Bazaar. (As if I was zapped into the place by aliens, no? 😀 LOL) It was this shopping expedition, albeit a solo flight, that launched my holiday shopping this year.

I found lots of good-priced sale items there, including clothes, silk ties, fashion jewelry and the fabo clutch bag below. It’s a 12-inch zebra-print clutch with blue patent accents. The inside is lined with hot pink canvas. I got this for under P200.00 (of course, haggling skills came to the rescue). *insert banana-rock emoticon here* Continue reading Fab Holiday Finds – White