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VNC Shoes and Bags Mid Year Sale

VNC Shoes, one of the top ladies’ shoe brands in the country, is having a midyear sale!
VNC shoes midyear sale

So many shoes… so little time 🙂
VNC celebrates its MID YEAR Sale!
Satisfy your foot fetish with up-to-the-minute trends at half the price! Get strapped with fab finds at 70% off!

Visit VNC at Robinsons Galleria, Glorietta III, Robinsons Place
Manila, TriNoma, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Alabang Town Center,
Shangri-La Plaza Mall and SM North Edsa Annex.

VNC Shoes is from the same Malaysian company that produces global brands such as Vincci and Padini. All their shoes and bags are made in Malaysia.

What I like about VNC (I have two pairs of sandals and a bag, definitely counting) is the quality. I don’t see stray thread in my bag’s stitching, or smudged glue around the soles of my shoes. When buying shoes or bags, these are the signs (of bad craftsmanship) I watch out for.

What I don’t like about VNC is how fast the good styles run out (especially in my size), and how their bags are so limited. So if you find something you really, really like, don’t let it go.

Anyway, if you’ve seen their stylish shoes and fashionable bags to crave for, you’d definitely be dashing to one of their stores.

I attended a VNC party held for bloggers a few weeks ago, and they gave us a sneak preview into the new collection. Although there are actually a lot of nice flats in their stores, the party displayed mostly heeled ones. Here are a few shots I took –

(Warning: Not for the fainthearted shoe-holic!) Continue reading VNC Shoes and Bags Mid Year Sale

Weekly Question # 14: Beauty Basics

This week’s question from Julie:


What are your facial or beauty regimens that you do before you go to sleep?

I’ve come to realize the value of caring for my skin a few years ago, before I left the oh-so-young-and-sweet-sounding twenties stage. I probably picked it up from my mama, whom I fondly remember slathering her face with Nivea cream (used to come in those blue tins) and Oil of Olay (the light pink fluid). Whenever I smell a lemony cosmetic, I’d always remember her massaging her face with Pond’s cold cream. Not surprisingly, my mama looks young for her age. (Check out this post.)

While others have complicated nightly skin rituals and some need to get the best acne treatment, my skin regimen is quite basic –  cleanse, tone, moisturize. For cleansing, I use Dove facial foam and water. To tone, it’s Pond’s White Beauty Toner. To moisturize, my current night cream is Nivea Visage. In the recent 2 years, I’ve added the regular use of an eye cream – Nivea’s anti-wrinkle Q10 Plus.

After applying these youth potions (and crossing my fingers that they work!), I kiss my four babies (the fourth being the biggest baby of all) good-night, whisper my prayers, and de-clutter my mind of the day’s negatives. Yes, these too are part of my beauty regimen. 😉

Let’s check and compare with others’ night skin rituals here.

Top 10 Diet Pills?

There’s a website that actually reviews diet pills and rates them accordingly.

The site apparently reviewed 200 slimming pills and rated them based on value, quality of ingredients, customer feedback, and safety, among other parameters. The top-rated slimming pill is Orovo, invented accidentally by a housewife who started eating 10 super-foods to reduce her wrinkles. But surprisingly, she lost not the wrinkles, but a few pounds. Wonderful accident, eh?

How did my ex-favorite slimming pill phentermine fare in the rating? It’s not even rated. I think it is because phentermine has serious issues on side effects. After giving birth to VGood 7 years ago, I started using phentermine. I lost 15 pounds in two months, if I remember right. But the side effects – dryness of mouth, palpitation, shaky hands, inability to sleep –  were all too much for me so I eventually had to stop.  When I stopped, the 15 pounds came back, along with a few more!

Using Phentermine no prescription is not advisable, especially if you have medical issues such as concurrent intake of prescription meds, hypertension, glaucoma and cardiovascular disease. Before taking any slimming pill, always consult your physician.

Most Expensive Parking in Quezon City

I’ve worked in Makati City before, and I know that parking fees are really expensive there. Given the scarcity of space, high number of vehicles, and premium price of land in Makati, the cost of parking is justifiable.

But how about when one gets charged Php100 for 5-hour outdoor parking in Quezon City? Is that justifiable?

This happened to me and Cookie (only, she was charged Php80 even if she got there a few minutes ahead of me) on Thursday last week.

We – three mommy bloggers, Lynn, Cookie and I – got together at around 4 PM for foot spa and relaxation at the Nail Loft branch in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. The rip-off parking fee (unknown to us at that time) was courtesy of Diliman Commercial Complex, the building where Nail Loft, along with Convergys, Starbucks, Ministop, is located. Continue reading Most Expensive Parking in Quezon City

Be The Look of The Year!

Are you young, beautiful and dream of making it big in the modeling industry? Do you think you have what it takes to be the next cover girl of a magazine? But in a world where there are so many pretty faces, how do you get a chance at the runway? How do you get modeling agencies to notice you?

Well, now your chance is just a click away at http://www.lookoftheyear.com. It’s an online beauty contest open to anyone who wishes to enter. Just register at the website, post your profile and your best photos. Winners will be selected by a global panel of judges – readers like you and me! Yes, we get to rate each contestant. The top 4 who get the highest ratings – and winners of $10,000 – will be announced on December 31, 2008. If you don’t win, don’t worry – you may still get the attention of modeling agencies. And you may be on your way to becoming the model of your dreams. Log on at http://www.lookoftheyear.com for more info.