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On Gymnastics and Nurturing Dreams

Am I late? 😀

This (last?) week’s WQ from Julie’s GreenBucks is:

If you were an Olympian, what sport would you be participating in?

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Back when I was a little girl, around age 10, I saw on TV this movie on the life story of Nadia Comaneci, the famous Romanian gymnast. It was such an awe-inspiring movie. Among her many achievements, Nadia is the first to ever get a perfect 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event. Her beginnings were humble, growing up in a small Romanian town. But with hard work, determination, and supportive parents, Nadia became one of the brightest stars of gymnastics. I’m pretty sure she inspired a lot of other girls to go into the sport. Continue reading On Gymnastics and Nurturing Dreams

Not Our Usual Dinner Talk

A few nights ago, over dinner –

imom: Patchy, I heard something in school today.

iPatch (defensive look): hmm? What?

imom: That you have a big crush on this boy J, and it’s quite big news daw among the grade fives!

iPatch: Huh? Not true!

VGood (butts in): It’s true! She told me she has a crush on J… And so I told J! *hihihihi*

iPatch: Aha, ikaw nagsabi?? Eh hindi naman yung J na yun. There’s another J, yun ang crush ko. *twinkling eyes*

Technohub: Ay, Patch, you don’t go around telling boys you like them. Pag nalaman niya, manliligaw sa ‘yo, kasi alam niyang gusto mo siya.

imom: Basta, ayoko yung J na ‘yun. Ang astig-astig, parang bully pa…

iPatch: Eh, hindi nga yung J na ‘yun! It’s the other J…

Technohub: Patchy, hindi bawal mag boyfriend ha, basta sabihin mo sa akin…

imom (chokes on food, gives hub the killer look): what da… ???!!! Continue reading Not Our Usual Dinner Talk

Happy Birthday, VGood!

Yesterday was Vera’s 7th birthday.

I originally planned to hold a party for her 7th and Nate’s 2nd (on July 6th). But technohub and I figured a family weekend getaway would be more economical (and hassle-free) than organizing a full-blown birthday bash. So yes, weekend getaway won over kiddie party. 😀

Since we do our grocery shopping every Sunday, we all went to the mall as usual. First stop, though, was at the department store – V wanted new shoes for her birthday. I don’t really spoil my kids; they’re used to the talk-to-the-hand sign whenever they point and say “I want this! I want this!” , so they eventually stop clamoring. But during special days such as birthdays and Christmas, they usually have their wishes granted. ( So far, no one has asked for the moon, so…) Continue reading Happy Birthday, VGood!

Dad’s 74th

Everything was unplanned, though my mind toyed a bit with the idea of going to Baguio before school starts.

So when dad arrived in Manila from a month-long vacation at my sis Flying Rav’s home in Hong Kong, and wanted to go home to Baguio in time for his 74th birthday, I said I’d go with him. It was a long 7-hour bus ride. Good thing I decided not to bring along any of my kids. (I missed them so badly though, I called them 4, 5 times a day… Shh, don’t tell hub!)

When we got home, my sisters had prepared a simple surprise dinner for dad. Continue reading Dad’s 74th

For the love of coffee

I just recently came from Baguio for a short less-than-3-days summer’s-end hurrah. (More on that in a later post.)

My mom (who is always ever into network marketing!) gave me a box of instant coffee that’s supposed to be healthy. It contains the ganoderma mushroom, which has a wide array of benefits, as mom said to convince me. Dubbed as the Miraculous King of Herbs by ancient Chinese medicine, the benefits of ganoderma mushroom vary from longevity to skin whitening. (There is even a gano-toothpaste. I got one tube. hehe)

I don’t really fall easily for all that talk. But hey, the coffee does give me the kick-start I need every morning. And it tastes good too (a bit more bitter than regular instant coffee). So, until I get one of those espresso machines, I will probably be buying my coffee from mom. 😛