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Red Ribbon Treats | Carbonara and Salisbury Steak

In the recent years, we have seen Red Ribbon innovate and improve its menu, and I must agree it has become better and better. New cakes are introduced every once in a while, much to the happiness of loyal customers such as myself (yipee!). Recently, Red Ribbon introduced the delightful Cookies and Cream with Oreo cake. Oh it is love!

And now Red Ribbon has come up with new ways to delight us once more – with two new and improved meals, the Salisbury Steak and the Carbonara.

I’m a pasta lover, and the all-new Carbonara is surely more delicious now than before.

Red Ribbon Carbonara

The sauce is made creamier, and has more bacon bits and mushrooms. I love the real grated parmesan on top. Noteworthy is the herbed bread that has replaced the buttered garlic bread. The bread is soft and mildly savory, actually resemblant of focaccia. I think Red Ribbon’s carbonara is definitely worth giving another chance. 😀

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Happy Holidays!

Every year, my husband, kids and I always spend Christmas in my hometown, Baguio City.

This year, most of my family were present – 5 out of 6 siblings plus our husbands and children. Total headcount? I’ve lost track, but  for sure my fingers and toes are not enough.

This is a late post. I am still on holiday mood, it’s difficult to blog when I feel this way. There’s so much bumming around to do. 😛

So, anyway…

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

May your celebrations be filled with moments of creating happy memories with family and friends.

Weekly Question – On Sunday Specials

I’m almost late (as always) with this last week’s WQ at Julie’s Greenbucks.

What are the special things that you look forward to every Sunday?

Sunday is family day.  Everybody in my family looks forward to it since it really is the only day for us to (for the most part) relax and enjoy each other’s company.

I look forward to –

-the dimsum/congee breakfast either at Gloria Maris or in one of our favorite teahouses at Binondo.

-playing badminton with Hub and Patch. Patch was selected to represent her class in the badminton games for the school intramurals, so we play every Sunday to help her practice. It’s a welcome activity since Hub needs to lose some weight himself!

-doing the groceries. It’s therapeutic for me (and probably for millions of other women out there).

-blogging/plurking away, or, if I’m too lazy…

-sleeping off the whole afternoon. This is one luxury I can only afford on Sundays!

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Binondo Trip on a Sunday: Ying Ying, Redsun & a Calesa Ride

Today’s weather was beautiful so my family decided to take a break from the usual weekend routine (read: home-supermarket-mall lunch-home). We went on another spontaneous Binondo Trip.

Binondo Church Manila Binondo trip
The Binondo Church

The kids and hub rode a kalesa (now costs P100 or USD2 for one ride around Chinatown), while ate J and I shopped some at Shopper’s Mart on Ongpin Street.

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On Rainy Afternoons and Simple Fun

The past several days, Metro Manila has had really sizzling hot weather! It’s been hot, humid, sticky days. And, almost without fail, it rains in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s just a drizzle. On other days, it’s a downpour.

On hot days like these, I wish I had a pool I could dip into anytime, or at least a bath tub (with some sleek Grohe fixtures) where I could relax while cooling down… Anyhoo, back to reality (the heat is making me delirious)…

The other day, there was a heavy downpour. VGood asked if they could play in the rain. Please, please, please, pretty pleeeaase, she begged.

I said okay – she did not have to beg me much. Oh they were so happy! In my heart, I was happy watching them have fun too, kahit mababaw lang.

Sometimes, I just let them be. They’re just kids anyway. (And, oh no, it’s absolutely not true that letting kids play in the rain will make them sick. 😉 )

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