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The Mommy Milkshake Run 2016 by Mommy Mundo

The last race I ran was probably six or seven years ago. At my age now (going 42 in a few months), I feel that I need to get back into some form of fitness routine. Then I got the email inviting me to join this year’s Mommy Milkshake Run. I felt that it will be perfect to ease me back into running.

Mommy Milkshake Run IG Poster

The 6th Mommy Milkshake Run is happening on March 6, 2016 at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

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Hasbro games | Family game nights

I have fond memories of family game nights from when I was younger.  On stormy nights and the power goes out, my sisters would bring out the Boggle set, our first of several family fave Hasbro games.

On other nights, it would be just shadow play or a deck of playing cards. Sometimes we’d get together with our cousins and play hide-and-seek in the vast backyard of Lolo’s house.

Fast-forward to today… I try, whenever I can, to hold game nights with my family too. Unfortunately though, we often prefer chips-and-TV night. So, pfffffffft to us.

But yes, we do have Scrabble and Boggle sets. One of the girls also recently got an UNO deck of cards from a friend. Sporadically we’d play them, and yes, we actually have fun!

Last Saturday, I was invited by Color Mix Corporation, the exclusive distributor of the Hasbro games, to a gathering of mommy bloggers at Borough Restaurant, Podium. Our hosts introduced us to Hasbro’s line of family games. More importantly, they spoke about the importance of having family game nights.

Hasbro games family game night
The group played a round of Taboo, one of the Hasbro games exclusively distributed by Color Mix in the Philippines. Thanks to Rowena (of Animetric’s World) for extending the invite!

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Time management by example: Share your ideas for a chance to win a watch!

For parents, time management skills start to be challenged as soon as the first baby is born. As families grow bigger and older, schedules become tighter and busier. And, unfortunately, the challenge of time management becomes more difficult with each year and each child.

There are kids to drive, kids to tutor, kids to cook for, and to care for. Add to this long list of errands those additional trips and planning you have to make when older kids discover social life. So now they have parties, sleep-overs, study groups, outings… (Que horror!)

Because of these, most parents eventually become expert time managers. But, being humans (contrary to popular belief that we are super-humans), we sometimes lag and fall behind at being good role models for our kids.

It’s important to be reminded that children learn by example. “Practice what you preach” is a good guiding principle. And it is especially apt with time management. Kids see when we procrastinate, cram and make them the butt of our stress. (Picture looks familiar, eh? I know!)

A 2000 study published in the American Journal of Health Sciences has shown that kids who were able to efficiently allot time for certain tasks had less anxiety and enjoyed more leisure time in school. So if you want less stressed kids, teach them proper time management.

Join my contest and win a watch for your child!

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Dimsum baskets – layers of goodness

These aren’t wood and steel buildings. They are dimsum baskets, with everything lovely and luscious steaming inside!

dimsum baskets

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Share Your Time Management Tips and Win a Watch! (UPDATED)


I am happy to announce the three winners of this contest:

1. Louann

2. Helen

3. Shiela

Please check your emails in the next few days for instructions on claiming your Kids Watch Central watch.

Thanks to all who participated!


It’s back-to-school time once again.

And for most parents with school-age children, this means back to the daily grind.

I have three children – two of them are in grade school, and the youngest will be going to pre-school in a year. I must admit that, during the school year, my days are filled with them.

Mornings start early when the alarm clock yanks us out of blissful sleep at 5:25 AM. We’re all half-awake as the two girls get changed, and I pretend to ‘supervise’ them. 😛

I usually bring them to school (which is about 14, 15 kilometers from home), and go back to get them in the afternoon. Oh, but there’s Chinese tutorials for V after school, so that’s an extra hour (or two, when she’s having a difficult day) before we start on the road going home.

In between the ‘bringing’ and the ‘fetching’, I’m either at National Bookstore (buying supplies that one of the girls will suddenly need the next day), preparing sample drills for V (if she has tests coming up), or online of course (but that’s often not school-related, hehehe).

We usually get home by 6 PM, or if we’re lucky with traffic by 5. The kids and I rest a bit, before hitting the books again. Dinner time. Bath time. More studying. Finally, bedtime at 9 PM.

Repeat process x 10 months.

Schooling these days have become more and more demanding. So much so that parents and children just got to take control of their time in order to do everything that needs to be done.

  • For the most part, I make sure we have a routine, and try to stick to it as much as possible. We follow a schedule –  the kids know that at a certain time, we study, or we rest, or we go to bed. The part of the routine that they look forward to is Friday nights –  it’s when they break their TV-fast! 😀
  • It also helps that Patch now studies by herself independently. She has been on her own since Grade 3, which is a huge relief on my part. My goal for each one of my kids is that, in the long run, they will be able to study by themselves independently, at an early age as possible. One down, two to go.
  • Sample drills are prepared ahead of time so that I don’t waste time making them during study time. There are a lot of online sites that provide worksheets free of charge! Just download and print. 😉
  • Husband also helps with the tutoring, especially in Chinese (naturally) and Math (because I don’t want my kids to fail that, haha). Yep, it’s a family effort, not just mom’s.
  • TV is a non-negotiable no-no during weekdays. My daughters are allowed to watch TV onwards from Friday night to Sunday morning. It’s their reward for sticking to the rules and for being such great kids during the rest of the week, I tell them. 🙂

How about you? How do you manage your and your kids’ time during school days? What time management techniques do you teach or try to teach your children?

Let’s help each other out. Share your tips and anecdotes here by leaving a comment. And… And!

And, as a bonus, I am giving out one Kids Watch Central watch to each of the top three commenters who give the most unique and interesting answers.

The following are the contest mechanics:

  • I will accept answers until July 21. Just leave a comment below. You don’t have to be a blogger – just a parent with a thing or two to share. 🙂
  • Winners can only win once. If you have won in the other blogs also hosting this same contest, your winning will be forfeited. However, that should not stop you from joining the contest here even if you he already joined in the others. 😀
  • Winners may claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang c/o Arbee Panga at Unit 7D Tuscan Building, 114 V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.
  • Winners from outside Metro Manila will have their prize sent to them via courier.


Kids Watch Central Watches are fun character timepieces that will surely delight your child, while teaching him/her the value of time.