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Pako Salad Recipe (Fern Salad)

I chanced upon fresh pako (fern) at the market today! So I got a few bunches and made a note to myself to seach later for a Pako Salad Recipe. 🙂

But first, some palengke kwento.
pako salad recipe fiddle fern

Fresh pako (edible fern / fiddlehead fern), Php30 for a small bunch

One of the chores that I recently took up is — tada! — going to the palengke (fresh market). I know, I know… I am not very domesticated.

In the past, it was husband who went to the market to buy our weekly supply of fresh meat, fish and veggies. (I’d occasionally tag along.) Then he became too busy with work and too tired to wake up early every Sunday just to do the palengke rounds. So, I pretty much didn’t have any choice. Unless we buy all meat and fish from the supermarket, which if you’re used to palengke-quality fish (most esp.), just don’t measure up.

But yes, I find my new hobby enjoyable, actually. I have my suki fish, chicken and meat stalls. Of course, I buy from the vegetable stall owned by my fellow highlanders. (I’ll remember to take photos with them next time!) Incidentally, I go to Suki Market along Mayon Street in Quezon City. It is a very long drive from where we live, but always worth the trip.

It was the first time I chanced upon pako. And even if I have never tried them before, I quickly grabbed one of the two remaining bunches as they were going very fast (panic!). Never mind if I didn’t know what to do with them. There’s always Google. And Facebook.

As soon as I got home, I asked on Facebook what to do with them. There were lots of suggestions from friends, so I decided to do the simplest: Pako Salad!

Here’s the simplest Pako Salad Recipe I found –
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