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Making Artzooka 3d cards (mouth pop-up cards)

This afternoon, V was inspired to make Artzooka 3d cards that she saw on the show. The kids have been OD’ing on TV all summer. That’s okay – it’s summer anyway. They won’t be getting this much TV when school starts so, sige laaaang…

Look at what V made from scratch, inspired by Artzooka, a program on Nickelodeon that features cool art projects.

The cards are actually called mouth pop-up cards, and I found this video that illustrates how they are made.

To make Artzooka 3d cards, you will need:

At least 2 pieces of colored art paper (V used construction paper here)



coloring materials (crayons, colored pens, colored pencils)

googly eyes (optional. You can instead draw eyes, or make cutout eyes, like V did.)

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up alienA pink alien, probably from Venus?

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up bruce sharkBruce the shark and all his sea-creature friends. There’s a crab there somewhere that Nate drew.

Artzooka 3d cards pop-up yellow duckieThe Duckie… before I stewed it in beer… I guess…. 😀 Hahahahaha!

Making these Artzooka 3d cards, along with another one (a dog!) she sent as a birthday card for a cousin, kept V busy one whole afternoon. Actually, these 3D/pop-up creations make great greeting card ideas.

V based the alien design on the Artzooka episode. The duck and the shark, however, are her very own designs.

So you see? TV isn’t bad all the time. 😀