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On Money, Time and Giving

I once had a talk with my self-confessed ex-workaholic sister-in-law… Self-confessed because she admits to not understanding why some women totally give up careers to become full-time mothers. (Aray, aray, aray!!!) Ex-workaholic because now she is a mother and totally understands why.

Anyway, back to the talk…

I think the topic was home-making…  I said that I wanted to do so much but didn’t have enough budget to buy stuff to beautify my home. She told me, in a kinda castigating way, that if one has no money, the person probably has time; if one has no time, he/she probably has money. Either way, things can be worked out.

What she said may not be true for all situations (especially in our dear Pilipinas, where working asses off is not necessarily equal to  fat paychecks). But, yes, it does make sense.

Today on the way home, I remembered her words. This time in light of the recent events that have happened in our country. (Ondoy, Pepeng. Hello?)

There are a lot of people who have been just wonderful – serving and giving tirelessly. But there are also some who make excuses for not being able to help. Kesyo they have no money or they have no time. Kesyo there are richer people who should give instead.

It’s sad that giving is mostly attributed to the material aspect. We measure what is given by monetary amounts.

We forget that time is the most expensive currency and giving it has far more (in)valuable effects than money can afford.

What I’m saying is this:  there is no excuse for anyone to not be able to help to the victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. If you have no money, give of your precious time. Go out, reach out to your community and volunteer.

If you have money, hooray! Good for you! Share the blessings.

Krispy Kreme is Raising Dough for Ondoy Victims

Bayanihan – isn’t it a sweet Filipino trait? Times of difficulties like these bring out the best in the Pinoy.

Krispy Kreme is doing its part in helping the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. But it needs YOU to do your part.

On October 11, Sunday (that’s tomorrow already), all purchases of KK Original Glaze Doughnuts will benefit a fundraiser for Ondoy victims. For each KK Original Glaze you buy, the sale will automatically go to Krispy Kreme’s relief fund which will be distributed to the Philippine National Red Cross-Rizal Chapter and ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya.

Visit the following stores on October 11 to enjoy your all-time fave Original Glaze while helping the victims of Ondoy.

Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall, Greenhills Drive-Thru, Trinoma Mall, SM Mall of Asia Main Mall and Drive-Thru, Robinsons Galleria, Gateway Mall Ground Floor and Cinema Level, Glorietta 4, The Annex SM North EDSA, SM Fairview Annex

It is a time of upheaval for the country. But if we help each other, be empathic and not apathetic, we will all get through this. Time to put compassion into action. This simple fundraiser is not difficult to do at all, is it?

So this weekend, as you mall with your families and loved ones, don’t forget to drop by a Krispy Kreme store.

Bayanihan – The Pinoy During Difficult Times (UPDATED)

The recent scenes of devastation caused by Typhoon Ondoy bring me back to the July 1990 earthquake, when my family and I camped out in the park for several days.

The park became an evacuation camp, with many families sleeping in makeshift tents. Everyone was too scared to go indoors. There was no water, no power, no phones for 2, 3 days I think.

We had no other food except canned sardines and instant noodles from relief dole-outs, and sayote of course. Just as it is today, help from the government came so painfully slow.

But thanks to the goodness of people in our community, we all got through the experience.

One day, boxes of ice cream and popsies were being passed around. The store owner decided to give them away instead of letting them melt. While there were bad seeds who jacked up prices, some stores reduced prices especially of perishables. My family even got to sleep for a night in the sala of one of the wealthier Baguio families. 😀

Today, it’s no different.

The government was still painfully slow in bringing relief and rescue to the places that badly needed them.

Meanwhile, as officials are busy blaming each other,  communities came together.

This was one time I was proud to be an active part of the online community. My Plurk timeline and Facebook Wall were filled with posts – about people who needed help; areas that needed rescue; calls for volunteers; info on various donation venues.

The power and speed of the internet were put to good use. There were bad seeds, of course, but they won’t get airtime here.

What’s more important – beyond the virtual, people were coming together in real time. Private individuals and groups are working within their own capabilities to help. Families are coming in droves to volunteer at donation centers.

Bayanihan – one innate Filipino trait – is alive and well, after all.

Bayanihan was originally used to refer to people coming together to move a nipa house by literally carrying it to a new location. That was how our folks used to move homes in the ancient times.

The spirit of bayanihan is moving the Filipinos to give of themselves – their time and resources.

It’s amazing  how something as bad as Ondoy or the 1990 earthquake can bring out the best in the Filipino people.


There are many ways to send your help for Typhoon Ondoy victims:

My mommy-blogger friend, Jane, posted a comprehensive list in her blog: How You Can Help Victims of Tropical Storm Ketsana / Ondoy

To send donations from the comfort of your home/workplace, there are online venues:

ABS-CBN Foundation

Ayala Foundation

Philippine National Red Cross

TXTPower.org’s Fund Drive for Ondoy Victims

Unicef USA


Let us all continue to do all we can to help. Every little thing, every peso counts. So don’t think your help is too small. There’s so much need all around us. Let’s not wait for government to move. Now is the right time for bayanihan.

Bayanihan in the time of Ondoy – [To be updated as I gather more.]

Ateneo Drop-off Center
I got a text message on Wednesday night from a school-mommy friend, Lenny Lim. Her brother who lives in Greenland Village, Nangka, Marikina informed her that residents of Balubad and Camacho Settlements by the Marikina River bank have not been reached by relief. Most of the homes were washed away when the river rose. We 7 moms quickly mobilized and planned to go on Friday. I would like to acknowledge Dr. Marie Yap, our family dentist for donating Php3,000 and some toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash. Your help went a long way, doktora!
There were 100 families who lined up for some goods and clothes. The village allowed the families to get in through the back gate. We could only do so much. I'm sure there are more families down by the settlement.
My sisters Yollie and Mona, both working at Cathay Pacific HKG, did their part along with the Filipino Crew. This is the donation drop-off they organized. The cup noodles my friends and I brought to Marikina came fresh from the airport Thursday night (brought home by sis Mona). Kudos to the Pinoys of CX! *rock*