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Causeway Restaurant Dimsum Promo | Quezon City

In the middle of one night, hub presents the idea: let’s go to this restaurant that offers a huge discount on dimsum from 9PM to 12 midnight every night. We go – hub, kids and I. The Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo!

The Chinese characters for dimsum  – “dian xin” – literally mean “spot, dot, point” and “heart”. And I can totally appreciate why. My family loves dimsum. There’s something about dimsum that is heart-warming. It’s become our comfort food. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ordering one basket after another, and before you know it, it’s a dimsum feast on the table! 😀

We order our favorites – siomai, siao long pao, spareribs, chicken feet, machang. We have a feast. We simply love it.
Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo dimsum cartDimsum cart at Causeway Restaurant

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