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Nate’s first visit to the dentist (and a bit on my dental phobia)

After the procedure, Nate tells the dentist: "Good job!" with a thumbs-up. πŸ˜€

Technically, this wasn’t his first visit to the dentist, because I brought him along once when Patch needed to have her braces adjusted.

But this was the first time he actually sat on the chair and got a flouride treatment.

I am proud to say that my children do not have dental phobia. The two girls love going to the dentist, which I think is rare among kids. Well, maybe they don’t really love as in enjoy going to the dentist, Β or as in giddily excited whenever I announce a trip to the dentist.

But at least they don’t whine, cry and run around the clinic. At least I don’t have to hold them down on the chair while the dentist pulls a tooth. Nope. I have never had to deal with those. But yes, I was like that when I was a kid. My parents just could not get me to sit on that chair long enough. I’d often quickly jump out and run away before any of the adults had a chance to pin me to it. Hahaha! Continue reading Nate’s first visit to the dentist (and a bit on my dental phobia)

The Miracle of Wires

Patch got wired during the summer of 2008.

Back then, she had “very few” teeth, because the dentist had to do series extraction. She pulled out the temporary teeth to make room for the permanent ones. The dentist had to resort to series extractions because Patch has small facial bones. Her jaw and mandibles were too small, limiting the space for her teeth. If she did not get braces, she will get crowded teeth (like I do).

Thankfully, her permanent teeth grew out in time, with the help of the wires. Before we knew it, she had a complete set of teeth (except for the third molars). So, fast forward to today, here are her new set of choppers –

Hopefully, the wires come off in summer of 2010.

But guess who will be needing wires real soon?

I am just glad we have a great family orthodontist. So there won’t be any need for a Plano cosmetic dentist in the future, I need to start working with the her on the next client. Who’s the next client?

Continue reading The Miracle of Wires

Patchy is Wired

My dear daughter iPatch got “wired” last week!

When I was growing up, braces were perceived to be just for the R.K.s (rich kids). Hence I did not have them. Nowadays, braces are a necessity. Patch needed to get braces because her mandible and maxillary bones were too small to accommodate all her permanent teeth. Yep, it’s getting pretty crowded in her mouth. Her canines have been trying to get out for some time already, but there simply wasn’t any room for them anymore. Continue reading Patchy is Wired

Blog Break

UPDATES: (Not that anyone would care, but I’ll update anyway πŸ˜› )

1. The Dentist (my dentist, not the first one I saw who said I needed surgery) did not have to operate on my third molar, after all. The impaction was not very bad, in fact the tooth is upright. She just had to remove some of the gums so the tooth can erupt. It was (still is) painful, but surely nothing compared to impacted molar surgery. For that I am thankful!

I wonder why the first dentist advised surgery when the x-ray should have clearly shown her what needed to be done. And the price of surgery, at Php8000 – 10,000, does not come cheap huh! Imagine if I took her word for it… and later learn from my dentist that all that was needed is a Php500-snip on the gums. Arrgh.

Hey, thank you for all the well-wishes. I guess they all came true!

2. Thank you, Em Dy and Rach, for the shiny badges of blog honors. πŸ™‚


Hi Friends!

No, I’m not really stressed.

It’s just my aching third molar (a.k.a wisdom tooth) that has been trying to erupt for the longest time, thus the gums in that far end of my mouth are swollen. There’s a dull, throbbing pain that seems to come from within. Must be the third molar pushing against the second. A case of impacted molar, though not a bad one, as the dentist assured me: “The surgery(!!!!!) won’t take long, just about an hour.”

The thing is, I can’t have the surgery (!!!!!) yet because: 1) My son is sick (again!); 2) the girls’ 2nd quarter exams are coming up; 3) I feel like firing my son’s yaya (Ang sakit sa ulo, pramis!); 4) I have to oversee some work to be done on our roof.

I can’t possibly be nursing a dental surgery (!!!!!) while all these are going on at home. But the thought of being groggy for days due to the sedative effect of painkillers appeals greatly. Oh to sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep – what joy that would be!

But, I can’t possibly… So that will have to wait. This is probably the first time that I’d actually welcome a surgery (!!!!!), though I’m sure by now you noticed how scared I am.

When times like these come, one thing bears the brunt. Blogging takes the backseat for now. I’m sorry if I’m unable to return blog visits. As soon as the semestral break comes in two weeks, I’ll be back to blogging. Thank you, though, that you still come around despite my being a poor host.

Lastly, I want to thank the wonderful women bloggers (Cookie, Wenchie, Anna, Lynn, Ann, and Mitch) who awarded my blog recently. I am honored to receive these badges from you ladies! As I said a few posts back, it is blog friends like you that make me look forward to blogging. Thank you very much! Merci beaucoup! Xie xie nin! Maraming salamat! I shall pass on the badges when I return, I hope you don’t mind.

Lovingly yours,

Chateau πŸ˜›