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Nate’s first visit to the dentist (and a bit on my dental phobia)

After the procedure, Nate tells the dentist: "Good job!" with a thumbs-up. 😀

Technically, this wasn’t his first visit to the dentist, because I brought him along once when Patch needed to have her braces adjusted.

But this was the first time he actually sat on the chair and got a flouride treatment.

I am proud to say that my children do not have dental phobia. The two girls love going to the dentist, which I think is rare among kids. Well, maybe they don’t really love as in enjoy going to the dentist,  or as in giddily excited whenever I announce a trip to the dentist.

But at least they don’t whine, cry and run around the clinic. At least I don’t have to hold them down on the chair while the dentist pulls a tooth. Nope. I have never had to deal with those. But yes, I was like that when I was a kid. My parents just could not get me to sit on that chair long enough. I’d often quickly jump out and run away before any of the adults had a chance to pin me to it. Hahaha! Continue reading Nate’s first visit to the dentist (and a bit on my dental phobia)

The Miracle of Wires

Patch got wired during the summer of 2008.

Back then, she had “very few” teeth, because the dentist had to do series extraction. She pulled out the temporary teeth to make room for the permanent ones. The dentist had to resort to series extractions because Patch has small facial bones. Her jaw and mandibles were too small, limiting the space for her teeth. If she did not get braces, she will get crowded teeth (like I do).

Thankfully, her permanent teeth grew out in time, with the help of the wires. Before we knew it, she had a complete set of teeth (except for the third molars). So, fast forward to today, here are her new set of choppers –

Hopefully, the wires come off in summer of 2010.

But guess who will be needing wires real soon?

I am just glad we have a great family orthodontist. So there won’t be any need for a Plano cosmetic dentist in the future, I need to start working with the her on the next client. Who’s the next client?

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