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Salmon belly teriyaki recipe

This salmon belly teriyaki recipe a fluke, an accident that happened during the Christmas break in Baguio. I bought some salmon belly strips which were on buy-1-take-1 sale at the supermarket. I planned on cooking sinigang, but my niece said she wanted it cooked with teriyaki sauce. Her mom (my sis) goes “okay then, salmon belly teriyaki.” So I assumed they knew how to cook it.

Come cooking time… hindi pa pala sila nakaluto ‘nun! *facepalm*

So my niece and I winged it, but it was a success, according to the family (or do they just love us? hehe)

I cooked it again last Sunday for my Mama’s pre-birthday dinner.

salmon belly teriyaki

My salmon belly teriyaki

Ingredients: (Quantities are approximations. As V says, make intelligent guesses! 😉 ) Continue reading Salmon belly teriyaki recipe

Juicy Mustard Burgers | Weekend Cook Recipe

Today, I cooked juicy mustard burgers for dinner. Yeah, manang was on day-off, so dinner had to be easy. hehehe

The kids preferred to eat their burger patties with rice, while hub and I enjoyed them with buns slathered with tomato ketchup and mayo.

juicy mustard burgers recipe

Here is the recipe for Juicy Mustard Burgers

Ingredients: (to make 8 pieces 3-inch diameter patties)

1/2 kilo ground pork or beef (I used pork because my family doesn’t eat beef), drained well

1 medium white onion, chopped

1 egg

3 to 4 tbsp fresh or skimmed milk

1 tbsp mustard (I used Thomy, the wonderful German mustard brand)

dash of salt to taste

fresh-cracked black pepper, about a pinch (fresh-cracked makes all the difference, believe me!)

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce (which I forgot to buy! But my burgers turned out well anyway.)

Mix all ingredients well, except milk. Mixture should not be too watery, so it is wise to slowly add the milk last. Consistency is just right if you are able to form patties that don’t fall apart.

The milk in the mixture is the key to the burgers being juicy, while the mustard gives the burgers a lovely flavor.

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Baked Chicken Recipe | Lunch Box (Updated 2 Jan 2016)

Since Nate is off chicken, my two other kids get usually get their chicken fix in their school lunch. Kawawa naman if we have chicken at home while Nate watches on, di ba? 🙁 Here’s a quick and easy baked chicken recipe that’s great for baon.

school lunch baked chicken recipe

Last Tuesday, the girls had Baked Herb-Chicken Thighs. It is one of the lunch box mainstays, because it’s so easy and quick to cook. It’s a flexible recipe too, as you can throw in any flavors you want into the marinade.

I use chicken legs or thighs, instead of whole chicken because nobody wants to eat the breast part in this family. So I always end up eating it! To be fair to everyone (especially to myself, hehe, I decided – only chicken legs!)

Baked Chicken Recipe below. Continue reading Baked Chicken Recipe | Lunch Box (Updated 2 Jan 2016)

Homemade Chicken Tocino Recipe

I am sharing with you my homemade chicken tocino recipe. This is what my children and husband had in their lunch boxes today.

homemade chicken tocino recipe

Homemade chicken tocino is a healthier and less expensive alternative to store-bought tocino.  Here is our homemade chicken tocino recipe. Continue reading Homemade Chicken Tocino Recipe

Sisig Night!

sisig with rice

Last Sunday, it was my turn to do the market rounds.  I bought some “maskara” –  the term used in the meat market for pig’s face.  😛 Literally, the skin from ear to ear – cheeks, snout, chin – is the part used for cooking sisig.

I haven’t cooked sisig for a while. We (manang L, Ate Jo, and myself) rolled up our sleeves to prepare this wonderful family favorite. First, we had to thoroughly clean the maskara. Then we boiled it to tenderize. Afterward, I had the whole maskara piece chopped into several parts for grilling.

The grilling is important as it will give the nice smokey flavor, as well as make the skin crispy. Since the meat is already cooked, the grilling has to be quick, the temperature very hot. Turn often to get an even golden color and avoid burning.

The really hard part comes during chopping. I asked Manang L to sharpen the knives so it will be a breeze. I sauteed the chopped pork in lots and LOTS of onions. The mixture gets a final “crisp-izing” treatment at the oven. I topped the sisig with an egg and returned it to oven for another 30 seconds.

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