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Meet my web nanay!

I haz a web nanay!

…And she is pretty strict. Whenever I attempt to play when I’m supposed to be working, she tells me:

Chrome nanay
Chrome nanay

Friends, meet Chrome Nanny, my web nanay.

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Omegle anonymous chat | kids’ internet safety

“Oh my god!!!” was my violent reaction when I learned about the latest “in” thing on chatting – OmegleĀ anonymous chat. You know how we as kids were told not to talk to strangers, and how we also teach our own kids not to do so?

Well, a chat website founded by an 18-year old in 2009 espouses exactly the opposite. Omegle.com‘s homepage banner proudly bears its tagline: “Talk to strangers!”

Omegle anonymous chat isĀ so easy and instant. Anyone can just start typing on the chat box and is automatically connected to someone else who is on the server. There is no need for registration, no moderation, no word filters (anyone can say anything they want).

The scariest feature for me is the video chat. As a parent, I try to guard my kids from porn. But this site’s video chat feature has just made porn access so much easier.

As if it weren’t easy and accessible enough, there is also an iPhone app for Omegle anonymous chat.

So, our young kids’ intentions for using Omegle anonymous chat or other similar chat sites may be simply just for fun, to meet other young people from other countries and cultures. That’s great, good intentions and all! But when there’s no one controlling who sees what, who is showing what, that is just scary.

Then there’s the issue of sexual predators. Sites like Omegle, where everyone is anonymous, are a haven for pedophiles, sexual predators and other sickos. Continue reading Omegle anonymous chat | kids’ internet safety