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Shi Lin Restaurant at The Podium

My family spent the weekend at Discovery Suites to celebrate the birthday week of V and Nate, whose birthdays are just a week apart. (I got a very good deal from Deal Grocer – 50% off on  overnight accommodation in a one-bedroom suite!) Across our room window we could see Shi Lin Restaurant, a fairly new restaurant at the Podium Mall.

Shi Lin taiwanese restaurant Podium Mall

Shi Lin (“shi” rhymes with “fur”) is a famous night market in Taipei, Taiwan. And I surmise that the restaurant was named after it. As expected, Shi Lin restaurant offers Taiwanese fare.

Among my favorites to eat in Taipei are the street food – deep-fried battered squid rings, chicken fingers, skewered fruits spiced with that signature Taiwanese sweet-salty powder – and pork chop pientong (or bendong or piantong or, as we know it, bento – brought by the Japanese during its colonization of Taiwan).

In Taipei, lunch on weekdays is usually a bento box that consists of a meat dish, two kinds of veggies, rice and a drink (usually Yakult). My in-laws do not have to bring me anywhere fancy; I’m perfectly happy with pork chop pientong!

Shi Lin Restaurant taiwanese pork chop

Shi Lin’s Fried Pork Chop (Php148) did not disappoint – it is so authentic. I loved the distinct Taiwanese sweet-salty flavor (I think it’s five-spice)  and the meat’s tenderness.

Shi Lin Restaurant chicken chop

The Fried Chicken Chop (Php168) is similarly flavored as the pork chop. The cut seems like chicken breast fillet, but it was perfectly done and not dry at all.

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Hong Kong Roasted Goose in Sham Tseng

After the China business trip with Hub, I stayed behind in Hong Kong to visit with family. Sister #1, her family and Sister #2 so generously entertained me and squeezed as much as they can into my 4-day stay with them. (Thank you again, ateng Yow, kuya Adrian, ate Mons, and ate Babes! Mwah!)

I know ideally I should be blogging chronologically about the vacation. But since the topic on my blog is poultry, I want to share first about a specialty restaurant near Sister #1’s home.

For lunch on my last day of stay, Kuya Adrian brought me to Sham Tseng in Tsing Lung Tau on the New Territories side of Hong Kong. The order of the day: authentic Hong Kong roasted goose.

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There are many restaurants that serve Hong Kong roasted goose, the specialty of Sham Tseng, along this stretch of Castle Peak Road in Tsing Lung Tau. But Fu Kee Restaurant is the family favorite.

Fu Kee in Sham Tseng hongkong roasted gooseFu Kee Roasted Goose (nice name, no?) is right along the main road across Lido Garden flats and 7-11. Continue reading Hong Kong Roasted Goose in Sham Tseng

Choi Garden Restaurant, Greenhills

My family went to Choi Garden Restaurant on Annapolis Street in Greenhills for the first time a few weeks ago. I remember now – it was the day we got Parker. We had to bring Parker home from Tiendesitas, so we had late lunch.

choi garden restaurant greenhills
These beautiful light fixtures hang from ceilings and give Choi Garden its warm ambience.

Choi Garden Restaurant is an upscale Chinese restaurant with seafood and shark’s fin as its main offerings. (My family, however, does not consume shark’s fin – price is horribly high, and the means by which they are gotten –the sharks are caught, their fins are cut off and they are then thrown back into the sea where they either bleed to death or drown – is terribly cruel. Thanks, but no shark’s fin for us.)

During weekend lunches and dinners, Choi Garden gets pretty filled up. Though it has its own building, it could be hard to get a table during peak hours. So be early, or call to reserve a table. Better yet, go in for late lunch or dinner, like we did. Hehe. (We still had to wait a bit to be seated though, and the car valet-parked.)

choi garden restaurant greenhills interiors
Lunch crowd thins out around 2 PM. But the restaurant also closes service from 2-5 PM so make sure you get there before 2.

The downside of going in late is that most best-sellers would have ran out already. I wanted to try the Fried Pigeons but they ran out.

Nevertheless, we were happy with our acquiring-Parker celebratory lunch.

choi garden restaurant greenhills yangchow fried riceYang Chow Fried Rice (Php320 for a small serving). I loved the succulent shrimps. It was a bit too oily for me though. Since Nate is allergic to eggs and shrimps, we got a cup of steamed rice (Php50) for him.

choi garden restaurant greenhills braised seafood hotpotBraised Seafood and Beancurd Hotpot (Php 380 for a small serving).  The seafood is tender – the squid is cooked just right so it’s soft. I love that there’s lots of seafood and not just tofu in this dish. Continue reading Choi Garden Restaurant, Greenhills

King Chef Restaurant – a potential affair

King Chef Restaurant is one of those food finds on Banawe Street, Quezon City that my family has been going back to lately. It’s a brewing affair, I can feel it.

Reason number one: King Chef Restaurant has a dimsum breakfast promo from 7 AM to 10AM where everything is at P48.00. The dimsum isn’t bad at all. Though I did not like the pork siomai very much, V extremely enjoyed her xiao long bao, Nate the mini-siopao, and Patch the tausi spareribs.

KIng Chef Restaurant Banawe Street Pumpkin soup siopao dimsum

Top to bottom: Mini Siopao with ground meat and egg filling; the unique Pumpkin Congee with quail eggs and whole shrimps; siomai and Pork Spareribs dimsum, mini siopao.

Reason number two: King Chef offers Misua Co (one of hub’s comfort food) and a unique Pumpkin Congee during breakfast.

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Banawe Food Crawl: Fu Chi (Fug Kee) Dumplings

This is yet another post on my family’s Banawe Food Crawl! Fu Chi Dumplings is one of those Banawe Street restaurants that have been around for a while but we just kept passing by – dinadaan-daanan lang. 

(UPDATE: The restaurant has changed its name to Fug Kee)

We noticed one fine day that we were hungry and craving for dumplings, though, that this place was often full. So we got curious.

Fu Chi is a small eatery, and can sometimes get a bit stuffy, especially on a hot day. Most people will probably find the food just average. But if you’re crazy for noodles (like the hub is) or dumplings (like the kids are) or pientong (like I am), this is the place.
fu chi boiled dumplings banawe food crawl

Steamed pork dumplings (P60 for 10 pieces) – my favorite among all dumplings I’ve eaten so far.

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