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Bed talk, bird talk and more V Quips

A few recent nights have reminded me that bedtime is the best time for priceless moments and senseless talk with my kids.

One night the talk turned tender… To tenders, in fact. Blame it on too much cartoons, Nate has a a Kungfu Panda way of thinking whenever he hears the word “tenders”.

Me: Achi* ate chicken tenders for meryenda kanina.

Nate: Oooh, my tenders!

Patch: What?? Ma, what are chicken tenders made of?

Me (makapang-asar lang): Tenders of chicken!

Patch: *grossed out* x_x

After that, the kids spent a good few minutes shadow boxing. The girls’ hand-shadows *punched* Nate as he pretended to either evade or get hurt with the punches. Teehee. Kaaliw sila.

*Achi is Fookienese way of calling the eldest sister in the family.


If V has witty quips, Nate seems to have his own thing going too…

Nate: Ma, boys have bird ba?

Me: Yes.

Nate: Papa has bird?

Me: Yes.

Nate: Same size ba bird namin?

Where in the world do kids get these questions???????


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Welcome to Teenage Parenting

The teenage years – I now welcome this new phase into my parenting karir career.

Daughter Patch turned twelve early this month. She’s not quite into the teen years yet, but the inevitable changes are happening so fast. And I’m talking milestone after milestone here.

Days before her birthday, I noticed a tiny red bump on a corner of her nose – the official first zit.

A few days after her birthday, she finally volunteered to sleep in her own room – the official first solo night.

Despite wanting her to leave the family bed for the loooongest time (masikip na eh), I felt some pangs of separation anxiety that night. I went to check on her at 11 PM – she was snoring so soundly. *sigh*

Oh, the official first period? It happened months ago. (She is so gonna kill me for blogging this! )

Her taste in music is also shifting – from HSM and Camp Rock soundtracks to Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas and Greenday. (I’m surprised she knows Greenday!)

The other day, I was talking to a couple of mom-friends from school. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that this girl and that boy already broke up; this boy likes this girl but the girl likes another boy; this girl is nursing a broken heart…

As a mom of a teenager, I get palpitations when I hear these things.

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Photohunt: Together

Today’s photohunt theme is together.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to post this photo, and today’s theme couldn’t be more perfect. My daughter, iPatch, was probably on fun-mode when she snapped this:

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Trick-or-Treatin’ at Trinoma

Last Thursday, October 30th, the kids and I trooped to Trinoma for Wicked, Trinoma’s halloween event this year. We met up with Cookie and Julie, who also brought along their kids.

The kids were pretty excited, so we all woke up early. We got to the mall just before the 10am opening. I was just too ecstatic that my parking was only a few slots away from the mall entrance. “Woohoo! We’re so early, I’m sure there aren’t crowds yet!”


As we turned the bend towards the Mall Concierge where trick-or-treaters are supposed to register, we got a good view of the mob! The lines – 2 lines to serve three thousand expected participants – were so looooong already! Oh well…

The loooong registration lines. Shot from the second floor.
The loooong registration lines. Shot from the second floor.

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Welcome, Corinne Marguerite!

This pretty, pink bundle is the newest member of the G Clan.

Corinne was born on October 10th, 2008 via c-section by my youngest sis, eMac. Corinne weighed 7.2 pounds and was 47 centimeters long. She is the clan’s 17th grandchild – whew, all that counting almost took all my toes and fingers! 😛

I haven’t seen her in person, but she sure has cute chubby cheeks and a tiny button of a nose! Parang ang sarap-sarap yakapin! I could almost smell her sweet baby breath.

Congratulations, sis eMac and bro Wanchito!

Now you are parents. It is an experience as old as time yet ever new. No one can predict exactly how it will be for you – how great the difficulties, how rich the rewards. Right now the task may seem insurmountable. You may feel overwhelmed and unprepared. But with time will come skill and confidence, fed by love, understanding, and concern. (Better Home and Gardens New Baby Book)

I so look forward to seeing you all – especially Corinne – in December!

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