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BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Launch

After over a year of hiatus from blogger events, I finally attended my first a few weeks ago. I chose to go because I like the event sponsor (BlueWater Day Spa), and the event was parent-oriented. The event launched the BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Treatment.

We all know the benefits of touch, especially for babies. When my kids were still babies, I would massage their bellies when they were colicky. Bedtime massages were part of our nightly rituals. Up to this day, I still massage Nate as an added bonus (because I have to apply his creams for skin asthma, anyway). Massage soothes an irritable baby, makes them feel secure, and strengthens their bond with the parent.

BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Treatment launch

The relaxation benefit actually has a physiologic basis, according to this article on parents.com. Massage stimulates a chain reaction in the nervous system: the brain starts to produce more serotonin, a feel-good hormone, and less cortisol, a stress hormone. As a result, the baby’s heart rate and breathing slow down, and the body begins to relax.

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Bakunado sa Flu – An Awareness Seminar

Last Saturday afternoon, several mommy bloggers and their children gathered at a restaurant in Pasig for a seminar on flu awareness. The event was organized by Nuffnang Philippines and Sanofi-Pasteur. I brought along my 11-year old daughter, iPatch. 

With mommies and kids, from left: JP and her daughter, Julie’s girls Trixie and Tanya, Julie, iMom, Salen, iPatch, LadyCess and Sandra

The seminar, conducted by Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon, was very informative. Here are some flu facts we learned:

  • Flu is the 5th leading cause of morbidity in the Philippines (“morbidity” here means “illness”).
  • About 10% of the global population gets the flu.
  • It usually strikes between June and August.
  • If left untreated, flu can lead to more serious complications such as pneumonia.
  • Flu is highly preventable through good hygiene, a well-balanced diet, and vaccination.
  • Vaccination against flu is a cost-efficient and safe option.
  • The flu vaccine should be administered yearly, and as soon as the new vaccine for the current year becomes available.
  • Vaxigrip(TM) is a brand of flu vaccine that is thiomersal-free. It is safe and proven to be effective in preventing the occurence of flu among those vaccinated.
Top: Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon; Bottom: iPatch trying hard not to cry, hehe
Top -Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon; iPatch trying hard not to cry, hehe

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