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Chicken teriyaki noodles recipe

So, I’m on a roll – both here and in the kitchen! 🙂 Last night I prepared Chicken Teriyaki tossed in fresh noodles for dinner. So voila – I have a chicken teriyaki noodles recipe!

chicken teriyaki noodles recipe

As always, it’s easy, quick, and a hit with my family. (Naks! Yes, they’re my biggest and only fans.) Here’s my chicken teriyaki noodles recipe. Continue reading Chicken teriyaki noodles recipe

What’s in Your Lunchbox: Chicken Tocino

Today, my kids, hub and I are having chicken tocino for lunch. It’s not so obvious that this is a favorite packed lunch of the family. 😀 Lately though, my family has been having more fruits and veggies. So I threw in some fresh pineapples into my lunch.

While on a client visit in Tagaytay, Hub bought fresh whole pineapples there for only Php25 apiece (about USD 0.50!). Tagaytay pineapples are sweet and fragrant. Of course, they are supposed to bring good luck for the Chinese New Year.

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Baked Chicken Recipe | Lunch Box (Updated 2 Jan 2016)

Since Nate is off chicken, my two other kids get usually get their chicken fix in their school lunch. Kawawa naman if we have chicken at home while Nate watches on, di ba? 🙁 Here’s a quick and easy baked chicken recipe that’s great for baon.

school lunch baked chicken recipe

Last Tuesday, the girls had Baked Herb-Chicken Thighs. It is one of the lunch box mainstays, because it’s so easy and quick to cook. It’s a flexible recipe too, as you can throw in any flavors you want into the marinade.

I use chicken legs or thighs, instead of whole chicken because nobody wants to eat the breast part in this family. So I always end up eating it! To be fair to everyone (especially to myself, hehe, I decided – only chicken legs!)

Baked Chicken Recipe below. Continue reading Baked Chicken Recipe | Lunch Box (Updated 2 Jan 2016)

Homemade Chicken Tocino Recipe

I am sharing with you my homemade chicken tocino recipe. This is what my children and husband had in their lunch boxes today.

homemade chicken tocino recipe

Homemade chicken tocino is a healthier and less expensive alternative to store-bought tocino.  Here is our homemade chicken tocino recipe. Continue reading Homemade Chicken Tocino Recipe

Homemade chicken nuggets recipe

This is my simple, preservative-free chicken nuggets recipe.

Yesterday, The Filipino Mom Blog launched quietly its first meme –  the Lunch Box Meme.

This meme aims for moms and wives to share lunch box ideas, as it often becomes too easy to run out of them. Every Tuesday for the whole month of November, we’re doing this. If you think it’s a great idea and would like to share, please join us! Read how to join here.

Yesterday, my kids had homemade chicken nuggets for school lunch.

Every time VGood sees the TV ad of a famous chicken nuggets brand –  the ones that come in alphabets and different shapes – she’d say “Gusto kong baon yan!” But I doubt the quality, as in actual meat content, of commercial chicken nuggets. Of course they are full of starchy extenders, artificial flavors, and, the worst part, meat trimmings. Ugh.

I thought – why don’t I make my own? So I improvised my own chicken nuggets recipe. I bought some breast fillets, pounded them with a meat hammer to tenderize, cut into small pieces, and marinated with salt and pepper overnight. The chicken pieces were battered by dipping in beaten eggs and then in bread crumbs. Frying was done quickly (under one minute) in very hot oil.

homemade chicken nuggets recipe lunch box

Continue reading Homemade chicken nuggets recipe