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Update on the Cebu Pacific online booking glitch

Back in early November, I experienced a Cebu Pacific online booking gltich. I got triple bookings on the same travel date (is that even possible???) with Cebu Pacific because of errors that occurred during the online transaction. I checked with my credit card provider, Citibank, and the charges were reflected indeed, though still floating at that time. (Full details of my story here and here.)

Anyway, I am glad that the problem has been resolved. But largely because I took active steps. Cebu Pacific did very little to resolve the problem.

First I called Citibank to verify the status of the charges.

Next I called up Cebu Pacific’s customer service hotline. This is the challenging part, because it could get really difficult to get through. On top of the long waiting and repeated attempts to finally get through, talking to the call center agents (CCA) is soooooo exasperating. One one hand, I wished they had more common sense; on the other, I knew they could only do/say so much.

This one step alone (of calling the hotline) will test your commitment to be righted.

During the first conversation with CEB’s CCA, I was told to follow up after a week. So follow up I did. Of course, I was once again told to follow up after another week!

But hey, hey, I did not let that get me down. Continue reading Update on the Cebu Pacific online booking glitch