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Update on the Cebu Pacific online booking glitch

Back in early November, I experienced a Cebu Pacific online booking gltich. I got triple bookings on the same travel date (is that even possible???) with Cebu Pacific because of errors that occurred during the online transaction. I checked with my credit card provider, Citibank, and the charges were reflected indeed, though still floating at that time. (Full details of my story here and here.)

Anyway, I am glad that the problem has been resolved. But largely because I took active steps. Cebu Pacific did very little to resolve the problem.

First I called Citibank to verify the status of the charges.

Next I called up Cebu Pacific’s customer service hotline. This is the challenging part, because it could get really difficult to get through. On top of the long waiting and repeated attempts to finally get through, talking to the call center agents (CCA) is soooooo exasperating. One one hand, I wished they had more common sense; on the other, I knew they could only do/say so much.

This one step alone (of calling the hotline) will test your commitment to be righted.

During the first conversation with CEB’s CCA, I was told to follow up after a week. So follow up I did. Of course, I was once again told to follow up after another week!

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Cebu Pacific Piso Seat Sale – Fail!

Last Friday, I got all giddy and excited as soon as I opened the email announcement about the Cebu Pacific piso seat sale.

CEB allots 100,000 seats for our sought-after P1 seat sale to all destinations!
Travel June 15 to September 30, 2010.

So I went to the website and started looking into the dates I wanted. Unfortunately, most of the weekends on my preferred dates had no promo rates. I had to check my 2010 calendar, and finally found some weekdays in August where I think I will be able to squeeze in a few days off with the hub.

Now with my dates, I started searching again. Bummer – no more promo seats in the more popular destinations. And the site was sooooo sloooow. So I decided to call it a night.

Saturday afternoon. After losing internet connection all morning due to typhoon Santi, my modem blinks back to life. Guess what site I hit first? CEB’s, of course.

I checked Naga (jump-off point to CamSur). Well, whadya know? There are open seats! So I quickly grabbed the flights and went through the booking process. Bummer again – an error occurs after I enter my payment details.

“An error has occurred. Please try again. If the error persists, please contact the airline.”

There is a “Start Over” button at the bottom. So, thinking it was really an error, I clicked on the button and booked the Manila-Naga-Manila flight all over.

Bummer yet again –  error for the second time. Argh, this isn’t my lucky day. Well, the Naga getaway isn’t meant to be, I think to myself.

So again, I checked the less popular destinations. Aha, I see promo seats for Laoag. Hub and I have never been to Pagudpud. I’m getting these!

I go through the booking process again. But, guess what?? I get another error just right after entering my payment details!

Cebu Pacific piso seat sale error message

Error message while booking Cebu Pacific piso seat sale

At that point, I got a feeling that I should check with my credit card. So I immediately called Citibank. True enough, all three bookings were charged to my card.

I asked the Citibank customer service rep if there’s any way to reverse two of the three charges. I was told that I will have to speak with Cebu Pacific customer service. The rep also added that the charges will still float for 14 days until confirmed by Cebu Pacific.

I was calling the Cebu Pacific Metro Manila call center number  02 7020888 almost all afternoon but I could not get through. I decided to send an email instead. (As of writing time, my email remains unanswered.)

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