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SERDEF: Help for startups and small enterprises (SMEs)

Do you often find yourself mulling over a business idea, but not knowing how to get started? Are you employed, but now want to spend more time with your family while still being productive? Are you one of those who believe that entrepreneurship is the way to a “better life”?

Before my husband became a businessman, he worked several years as an employee. Like most entrepreneurs-at-heart, however, he started feeling discontented and wanted to be his “own boss.”

And so he ventured out on his own.

He had several business ventures; most were initially successful. But somehow, something always turned bad and the businesses became unsustainable. In short, lugi. In fact, it was lugi x 4. Four businesses – all flops.

But he never gave up. He firmly believed that when you are down – deep, deep, deep, deep, deeeeeeep down (no, I’m not exaggerating, we got that low) – there is no other way but up.

With this mantra, he persisted and kept looking for business opportunities.

Our business today has to do with the construction industry. It is doing fairly good now, though it wasn’t like this when we started 4 years ago. The first 4 years were bumpy and full of challenges – not encouraging at all. But my hub, he just kept on.

Aside from his indomitable spirit, hub would not have made it this far if not for help from financial institutions, business partners and friends who supported him.

And that is what I am writing about today: help for startups and small enterprises.

SERDEF help for startups and small enterprises

SERDEF: Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation

Businessmen who are just beginning need all the help they can get. Likewise, SMEs (small/medium enterprises) constantly need assistance in financing, training manpower, improving technologies – essentially, at getting better in what they do.

That is why there is SERDEF. Continue reading SERDEF: Help for startups and small enterprises (SMEs)

Online Selling

ebay logl

For the most part of the week, I have been busy shooting/editing/uploading photos, downloading auction tools, writing and re-writing item listings.

Yep, I’m back to Ebaying. I started selling stuff on Ebay.ph 2 years ago, before I discovered blogging. Then I discovered blogging, so my Ebay shop (if I may so call it) went into hibernation.

Last week (before my kids got sick – that’s another story), my sister told me she was selling some of her designer bags and asked if I could post them online for her. I’d get a commission for any bag I sell. Of course I was quick to agree! Continue reading Online Selling

iMoM Meets Annamanila

Annamanila, one of the bloggers I admire most, and now a good friend on- and off-blog, asked me five questions for the “Interview me!” meme. I must say her questions are thought-provoking and very revealing. You’ll see why. So, anna, finally my answers:

1. I see that doors are your and hubby’s business. How are doors symbolical in anyone’s life? In yours in particular?

Before we began marketing doors, I just thought that a door is a door is a door. I never knew there were so many kinds of doors, not to mention mind-boggling technicalities about them. For me, doors symbolize choices made. Choose a wrong door, and your home is stuck with it for the rest of its life… unless of course you decide to take the whole thing down (jamb included, which will mean you will also have to redo the walling… Yeah, too much hassle!). Choose the right door, and you will not regret having spent for good quality (aherm. 😛 ). So it is with life. Continue reading iMoM Meets Annamanila

Work! Lots of Work!

(What a manic title. LOL)

Yup! That’s right.

The past two days have been hectic. After the mad dash to meet the deadline for hub’s-potential-big-break project bid, we’re in a mad dash anew!

There is a new project we are bidding for last minute (which could work as Plan B in case we don’t win the potential-big-break project). He did a product presentation on Monday, and, wha’dya know, he impressed the project owners! So they wanted him to join the bidding that closes tomorrow, Thursday, afternoon. Plus they also wanted data on acoustics, fire-rating, the works. We’re good with everything… Except the acoustics part.

Guess who was researching for two days on acoustics, sound insulation, sound transmission class, noise reduction coefficient, and a whole lot of geeky-sounding terminologies? U-huh. NOT the newly un-technophobe hub. ( Who said again brains go idle-mode WHAMing?)

I failed to mention that we are in the business of selling doors (there goes the plug, if you noticed. hehe). That may sound blah. But with demanding clients with various technical specifications, there’s no time for boredom. Sometimes, sparks fly between me and hub, and we get into each other’s nerves. But after the madness is over, all is forgotten.

Of course, school starts for VGood on Friday, and for Patchy Tuesday. That’s for the SAHM part of iMom’s multiple personality.

Over the next few days, I will have to park blogging (though I somehow managed to write this entry 😛 ) and online scrabble (if I can resist the temptation!). I have a lunch date tomorrow that I do not want to miss for the world! So I’m going to work my big butt off today!

Weaning a Technophobe

When I resigned from work about three years ago, two of my conditions were a functional PC and fast internet connection. These seemed fair enough to hubby, as he planned for me to do his correspondence and web research. So oblige he did.

Not that I’m complaining. But he dumped the whole lot of web PC-related work on me. Be it clients to be emailed, new suppliers to be looked up, or a simple price quotation, it was iMoM to the rescue! (Again,I am not complaining, lest he gets the wrong message and banishes me forever from the PC! I love working on the computer and with the internet. It is due to hours and hours spent surfing the web that I discovered the wonderful world of blogging! That’s why I don’t want to be banished forever. hehe)

Anyway, he got so complacent trusted me so much, he did not want to have anything to do with whatever it is I was doing on the PC that’s connected to his work. I would attempt to teach him some Excel formulae, so he can do simple tables. I would attempt to teach him how to use Powerpoint, so his presentations will be more presentable. No matter what prodding I and sister-in-law A did, he did not see the need for internet access in his office. Nandiyan naman ang sexytary nya. (aherm)

A few weeks ago, hub got a call from PLDT. It was one of their sales people offering him a good deal – affordable DSL connection with free NDD calls for one year. The sales person struck the right notes. The keywords – affordable and free – must have jumped out and echoed over and over in his head. He immediately said yes. Continue reading Weaning a Technophobe