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Asian with a twist at Syd’s Kitchen

Update: This restaurant has closed for business.

Syd’s Kitchen is one of those unassuming eating places on Banawe Street in Quezon City. It’s tiny, with only a few tables. The menu is concise and, at first glance, seemingly unimpressive.

But wait until your orders arrive. Unlike most typical Chinese eating places, Syd’s Kitchen goes to great lengths with presentation. I understood why when I found out that Chef Sydney Sy came from Shangri-La Boracay.

The first time we went there, Syd’s Kitchen was just two months old. So we had to wait patiently for our food to come. I guess by now, the kitchen would have gotten into the groove, and service should be faster already.

These are our favorite appetizers: Savoury Meatballs with tangy dipping sauce (P120); Crunchy Five-spice Pork Rolls with sweetish sauce (P150); and Shrimp Wanton Poppers with tangy peanut-based sauce (P180). Lookie at the shot glasses and bamboo serving boards!

Some of Syd’s Kitchen’s main dishes below, clockwise from left to right:

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Banawe Food Crawl: Fu Chi (Fug Kee) Dumplings

This is yet another post on my family’s Banawe Food Crawl! Fu Chi Dumplings is one of those Banawe Street restaurants that have been around for a while but we just kept passing by – dinadaan-daanan lang. 

(UPDATE: The restaurant has changed its name to Fug Kee)

We noticed one fine day that we were hungry and craving for dumplings, though, that this place was often full. So we got curious.

Fu Chi is a small eatery, and can sometimes get a bit stuffy, especially on a hot day. Most people will probably find the food just average. But if you’re crazy for noodles (like the hub is) or dumplings (like the kids are) or pientong (like I am), this is the place.
fu chi boiled dumplings banawe food crawl

Steamed pork dumplings (P60 for 10 pieces) – my favorite among all dumplings I’ve eaten so far.

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Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles

My family would usually go to Lanzhou La Mien on Benavidez, Binondo or to Banawe for our hand-pulled noodles and dumplings fix. Binondo is a looong drive from home, but we’re like that when we like the food. Distance is not a problem. There’s a fairly new place, though, on Timog Avenue, Quezon City that serves authentic hand-pulled noodles – Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles.

Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles quezon city

So now we don’t have to go far to satisfy my family’s noodle-and-dumpling cravings (which occurs quite frequently, hehe).

I was first brought to Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles for dinner by my sister’s sister-in-law. The place happens to be partly owned by the family of the husband of my sister’s other sister-in-law, the same group that owns Mr. Choi Kitchen (another family favorite)… Bago kayo mahilo sa family tree, let’s get on with the food… 😛

Kan Zhu’s best-seller seems to be the Braised Beef Noodle Soup (P135 for a fairly large bowl). Unfortunately, because my family doesn’t eat beef, I can only imagine that it must be very delicious, as each table seems to order this one.

Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles beef noodle soup dumplings century egg
Clockwise: Beef Noodle Soup; Century Egg (P70); Fuzhu – a spicy appetizer of tofu skin and sea cucumber (P70); Steamed Pork Dumplings (P65 for 7 pieces).

When I brought my hub and kids there on another occasion, we liked both varieties of the seafood noodles. We also liked the Chinese Sausage Fried Rice (P135 for a platter good enough for 3-4 persons to share). Of course, my kids will always like steamed dumplings. Though the menu says “pork dumplings”, it really is more “kuchay dumplings” because there is very little pork. But that is exactly how my kids like their dumplings, anyway. Continue reading Kan Zhu Hand Pulled Noodles

Lam Tin Tea House | Banawe Food Crawl

My family has been going to Lam Tin Tea House along Banawe Street in Quezon City often lately. I guess that’s just the way we are –  when we find some new yummy place, we keep going and going until we get tired of the menu. Kinda like infatuation…

Lam Tin, a small no-fuss Chinese teahouse,  is almost always full each time we go on Sundays. I heard from two different sources that the chef at Lam Tin was pirated from Causeway Seafood Restaurant. I’m not sure how true, but the food is a winner in my books.

Lam Tin Tea House noodle feast tausi fish fillet lumpiang shanghai

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Causeway Restaurant Dimsum Promo | Quezon City

In the middle of one night, hub presents the idea: let’s go to this restaurant that offers a huge discount on dimsum from 9PM to 12 midnight every night. We go – hub, kids and I. The Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo!

The Chinese characters for dimsum  – “dian xin” – literally mean “spot, dot, point” and “heart”. And I can totally appreciate why. My family loves dimsum. There’s something about dimsum that is heart-warming. It’s become our comfort food. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ordering one basket after another, and before you know it, it’s a dimsum feast on the table! 😀

We order our favorites – siomai, siao long pao, spareribs, chicken feet, machang. We have a feast. We simply love it.
Causeway Restaurant dimsum promo dimsum cartDimsum cart at Causeway Restaurant

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