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Tissue issue

Last night, in the bedroom. Kids were winding down. I was getting my dose of Bones. The Christmas episode of Season 1 was on. It was quite an emotional episode, and if you knew me, you’d expect me to be crying. Of course.

This was the episode where the whole team had to be quarantined in the lab because they were exposed to some infectious spore. It also happened to be Christmas. And so they all spent Christmas eve, and half of Christmas day in quarantine. On Christmas Eve, each one of the team was visited by family and loved ones. All, except Dr. Temperance Brennan a.k.a. Bones (played by Emily Deschanel) because up to that point she had no family. 🙁

It was more emotional than this, okay? Anyway, by the time the episode was finished I was in big-time cryfest. The girls began teasing me for being such a cry baby. Nate was nearest to me, so I took his hands and playfully wiped my tears with them.

Nate had this look of disdain on his face. He looked at his hands like they were really disgusting, and began bellowing in his low, paos voice:

“Hindi ako tissue! Hindiii ako tiiiisuueee!!! Waaaaaahhhh! Huhuhuhuuuu!”

Wahahahahaha! But the more I laughed, the louder he cried. I had to fake sympathy. 😛


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