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Kim Chiu is the new face of BlueWater Day Spa |Twin Touch launch

Not long ago… Ay, very long ago pala, haha, I was at the launch of Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera as the brand ambassadors of BlueWater Day Spa. Well, earlier this week, Bluewater Day Spa held a press event at Luxent Hotel to introduce its newest brand ambassadors and latest massage treatment offering.  The @chinitapricess Miss Kim Chiu  is the new face of Bluewater Day Spa.

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BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Launch

After over a year of hiatus from blogger events, I finally attended my first a few weeks ago. I chose to go because I like the event sponsor (BlueWater Day Spa), and the event was parent-oriented. The event launched the BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Treatment.

We all know the benefits of touch, especially for babies. When my kids were still babies, I would massage their bellies when they were colicky. Bedtime massages were part of our nightly rituals. Up to this day, I still massage Nate as an added bonus (because I have to apply his creams for skin asthma, anyway). Massage soothes an irritable baby, makes them feel secure, and strengthens their bond with the parent.

BlueWater Day Spa Baby Massage Treatment launch

The relaxation benefit actually has a physiologic basis, according to this article on parents.com. Massage stimulates a chain reaction in the nervous system: the brain starts to produce more serotonin, a feel-good hormone, and less cortisol, a stress hormone. As a result, the baby’s heart rate and breathing slow down, and the body begins to relax.

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Piolo Pascual for BlueWater Day Spa – Capitol Hills

Last Tuesday, I was invited as a blogger to the launch of the BlueWater Day Spa – Capitol Hills branch. I knew that one of the partners/owners was a friend, so I readily accepted the invitation.

Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera were the special guests for the event. I sooooooo wanted to see papa Piolo, so even if circumstances seem to have conspired to prevent me (my car was number-coding; the event starts at 4pm, my kids get off school at just about the same time; VGood had a slight fever while at school… *sigh* ), I was determined to go and at least have a peek of him.

Thanks to the magical powers of Plurk friends who sent positive vibes my way, my car became imbisibol to the MMDA cops. So kids and I got home unscathed. Thankfully, V also seemed to feel better when we got home (must be the awfully hot weather in school… all over the Metro, actually).

I barely made it on time. Piolo was just saying his goodbyes when I walked into the spa’s reception area. Fellow mommy bloggers Noemi, Cookie and Julie all helped ambush him. So we were able to have last-minute photo opps with Piolo!!! 😀 (He really does look great up close and in person.)

Piolo Pascual for Bluewater Day Spa

The BlueWater Day Spa, located at the Capitol Hills Golf Club in Quezon City, offers luxurious treatments for men and women.

Bluewater Day Spa Capitol Hills
Clockwise from top: foot spa room; BlueWater reception; with the very preggy and pretty owner, Len Magcalas; private treatment room.

The room for foot spa treatments can accommodate 5 clients at a time and has a home theater set-up. It’s makes a great place for holding spa parties with girl friends, don’t you think? BlueWater offers a consumable spa party package, by the way.

The best thing, I think, about getting pampering treatments at BlueWater Day Spa in Capitol Hills is the relaxing view.

bluewater day spa sunset

I think one of these days, I will go back with my sister or some of my friends, try the cellulite melter massage (hmmmmm, sounds intriguing), and head on to the roofdeck for coffee or halo-halo (like we moms did afterwards last Tuesday, thanks Wench!). The sunset view from up there is breathtaking. One will really come out down from the hill feeling renewed and refreshed.


BlueWater Day Spa is located at Capitol Hills Golf Annex Building, Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City.

Telephone numbers +6324730455, 9313064.

For more information on services, packages and promos, visit its corporate website at www.bluewaterdayspa.com.

After a relaxing time at the spa, wouldn’t it be great to come home to a comfy sleep number bed?