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Tagged: 8 Random Things About My Kids

A looong time ago, Patchy was tagged by Rachel, and Nate by Scrooch and Daiz to play this meme. Sorry, girls, it took so long. Because Patchy’s PC privilege has been suspended indefinitely (guess who had my PC virused a few weeks ago???), I am doing her tag here on my blog, instead of her doing it on her blog.

Anyway, allow me then to flaunt and brag about my kids unabashedly. 😛 I will try to be as random as possible. Continue reading Tagged: 8 Random Things About My Kids

Pet Meme: 8 Random Things About Kipper

This meme is from Julie. I’d like to share some random facts about Kipper, our pet hamster.

1. He was a gift from a friend/gym buddy/co-parent at school.

2. Until recently, we weren’t sure about his gender. That’s because the indicators were too teeny-weeny for proper identification. Now that he’s grown bigger, I’m sure Kipper is male.

3. He is very nocturnal, just like his black fellows that scurry in the night (eeeek!). Kipper sleeps all day, and wakes up at around 7 or 8 pm.

4. He has found two main functions for his wheel: for exercise, and for sleeping under!


5. He has never taken a bath. I was told not to bathe him in water, because he might catch a cold and get sick. He grooms himself like a cat does. There is a dry bath salt that can be bought in shops, where hamsters can roll all over while the sand catches the dirt.

6. Ever wondered why hamsters keep “scratching” their cheeks with their paws? I learned this on Animal Planet recently: hamsters have pouches in their cheeks for storage of food and burrowing materials (such as wood shavings). They use their paws to push forward and out the stuff they’ve stored in their cheeks. So that’s why pellets and wood shavings miraculously appear up in Kipper’s tiny loft!

7. Hamster pregnancy lasts for only 3 weeks!

8. Kipper is of the Syrian hamster breed.

Eight Things About iMoM

This morning, the family was deciding between Mr. Choi Kitchen and Gloria Maris Dimsum Kitchen for Sunday brunch. Being a democratic family, we opted to take a vote. VGood led us into votation.

VGood: Who wants to eat at Mr. Choi? (We raised both our hands.)

VGood: Okay, who wants to eat at MM..moria Laris?

Mom and Patch: Where???

VGood: Basta, who wants to eat in that place?

Everyone: chuckling, giggling…

Of course, Mr. Choi, as always, won. So the affair continues.


I was tagged by Auee looooong ago to list eight random things about myself. Though it took me a while, I got a bit nostalgic doing this.

1. I am the fourth in an all-girl family of six. Growing up with five other girls, in general, was wonderful. We got to share everything – clothes, shoes, make-up, and chores. Of course the middle ones (myself included) had it really bad in the hand-me-downs department. I remember being handed down those really sturdy Greg school shoes. Arrgh, the pair wouldn’t die no matter how many times I tried to assassinate it. The youngest two (sisters # 5 and 6) had it quite better because by the time the old stuff got to them, they were either outdated or worn out. So naturally, Ma bought them new stuff. *smirks*

Growing up with five other girls meant the chores were spread out, although rarely evenly. The older ones cooked, washed clothes, and fed the pigs. Yeah, we had pigs. We even had 3 favorite ones – Pinky, Dinky, and Binky. The younger ones washed the dishes, helped clean the house, did smaller chores. Of course there were lots of bickering too, but we had no choice so the chores still got done. I think it is because of this that we became better cooks than our Mom, hehe.

I love my sisters. I am happy that we were brought up in a loving environment. It wasn’t a perfect family, but our parents must have done something good with us. We have outgrown the bickering. 😛


2. I had my first perm (yeah, as in kulot hair) at age 7 or 8! Ma always brought me along whenever she had her hair done by the beautician (that’s how they were called back then, isn’t it? LOL). One day, Ma and the beautician must have thought I’d look good with short curly hair. Much like Ma’s very-adult hairdo. Now I’m thinking, maybe it was that episode in my life that determined how my hair behaves today. I remember when I was younger, my hair was straight and soft. Now my hair is wavy and, at times, unruly. Hmmm.

3. I had my ears pierced at age 22, a few days before college graduation. Continue reading Eight Things About iMoM

Tagged: What Was I Thinking?

It’s Friday once again! I love Fridays, as you all must, because they mark the beginning of much-awaited weekends. And my favorite all-day radio program is on – Friday Madness over Magic 89.9 FM. It’s nonstop 70s, 80s and 90s music! I so love 80s and 90s music, the kind that I grew up with. Never mind if traffic is always horrible in Manila on Fridays. As long as I’m listening to Friday Madness, I’m in a good mood. In fact, I’m listening to it now through their website. (Now playing Raspberry Beret by Prince Angel by Fra Lippo Lippi Harvest for The World by the Isley Brothers) I loooove Fridays!


I was tagged weeks ago by ScroochChronicles and GreyMom to tell the story of Us – how iMom met the Technohub. Since hub is away for a few days, I’m quite on senti mode, which is conducive for reminiscing!

I met hub during internship on my final year in college. He was on physical rehabilitation post-knee surgery. It was rather the opposite of love at first sight. His jolly albeit boisterous way of socializing with other patients quite irritated me. At that time, he looked young for his age. Too young that I thought he was only 18 16! “This boy is so papansin!

Apparently, he’s been eying me. Opportunity came when he chanced upon me waiting for the bus. He asked where I was going, I told him, and he said he lived within the area so he offered me a ride. Had he looked suspicious and dangerous, I would not have gotten into a car with an almost-total stranger. He looked harmless enough though, so I accepted the offer. After that, he’d often find excuses to linger longer to wait for me and bring me home. Of course I later learned that his home was not exactly near the home where I was staying, which was actually 8 kilometers farther than his home!

One thing led to another, and soon we were dating. When time came for me to go back to my city, I thought it was also the end of this sweet whirlwind of a romance. I was ready to give it up, telling myself that he’d pursue me if he was really serious.

Dead-serious he was, visiting me in Baguio every week. Sometimes, he would pop up and surprise me in the middle of the week. That’s aside from his regular weekend visits. He plied the MNL-BGO-MNL route so often that he already memorized which parts of the highway was bumpy or smooth, or which sharp curves of Kennon Road he should watch out for. His fastest driving record was 3 hours from Manila to Baguio on an early morning. He became so precise at timing his trips so that when he’s near my home he’d call to tell me “I’ll be there in 12 minutes.” And 12 minutes later, he was! He could have applied to be a bus driver at Victory Liner and passed it with flying colors! (LOL) Of course I felt so special with all the effort he was putting into seeing me! (Sobrang haba ng hair ko noon! Ngayon, medium length nalang 🙁 hehe)

As I blog these, I’m considering to change the title to “What Was HE Thinking???” 😀

Updates and Weird Things


I’ve redesigned again!

Welcome to my home’s new look. Apparently, I was bored yesterday. It actually felt good to be bored relax after 2 hectic days of preparing documents for my husband’s potential big-break (Good luck, dear!). No it’s not a recording contract… LOL…

Anyway, so I tweaked on this theme by Small Potato that I downloaded months ago. I love how easy it is on Word Press to change themes. And of course I fell in love with Filezilla again, for being such a simple and fast FTP… er… thingie… My Snap previews now work too! Now you see those cool bubble previews, don’t you? Yipee! *jumping with joy*

My Fitness Log was starting to gather cobwebs so I thought I’d update that, and decided to call it Project: FitMom. Some weighty revelations are waiting to be discovered over there. :0

Six Weird Things

I’ve been tagged by auee of Kwentong Walang Kwenta to blog about 6 weird things about moi. I hope I don’t freak out any of you, my dear blog friends, after you read this!

Here’s how the tag goes:

“Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about himself or herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people as well and list their names. Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged!”

Brace yourselves!

1. I can will myself to burp… and burp… and burp… and burp… One of my talents that can really set my kids on non-stop laugh-mode.

2. I get those spaced-out moments. I easily get distracted. One moment I may be talking animately about something. The next moment you will find me staring and lost in my train of thought. My sister hates it when this happens.

Sis: “Tapos? Uy? Ano nangyari?”

Me: *snaps out of trance* “Huh? Ano nga ba sinasabi ko?”


3. I talk to myself. Sometimes in monologues. Sometimes in dialogues. Yes, I imagine I am talking to someone. And this someone talks back. With matching smirking, smiling, head-shaking (depending on what the topic is). I love to do this when I’m driving alone. The usual topics are bad motorists and/or pedestrians.

4. I’m OC on the road. I always make sure I’m in the middle of my own lane. I always use my signal lights, and hate it when others don’t. Oh well, this should not count as weird, but in the Philippines, I am considered atypical.

5. I monitor my odometer. At every gas filling, I set it to “zero” so then I will know how long this full tank will run… in kilometers per liter.

6. I take “mugshots” of house helpers, with matching height reference (as in I’d make her stand beside a shelf so that will give me an idea of her height). The idea actually came from my equally-weird husband, who says it is an important security measure.

There. Am I weird or am I weird?

I’m tagging Toni (of Gluehwurm), Jane, Salen, May, Belle, and Annamanila!